The Concert

The concert was incredible! 3 hours full of James Taylor. How could anyone not be happy with that? He sang some great favorites of mine, and some new stuff also. What a wonderful entertainer. I think the best part of it, though, is that you can tell he really enjoys what he does. He’s just such a fun man to watch ~ and when he danced on stage, that sure put the smile on my face 🙂

I took my camera with and got some great shots. I couldn’t pick a favorite, so you’re getting a variety. Enjoy!

My friend Jen from over at Life on the Mountain is seeing him tomorrow night in Missoula. I wish I was going. It was that good.

8 thoughts on “The Concert

  1. Color me pea green. As soon as more people are awake here I’m loading up my stereo with JT. His tribute concert was on PBS a while back and both GG and I commented on how much joy he seems to have performing. He’s just awesome.


  2. I am ROFLMAO right now! You snuck in your camera – and I left everything in the car. I am such an uptight dork!You had fabulous seats, Dev! Good for you! Ours were up a bit, but I could see really well and the sound in the Adams Center was much better than I thought it would be.I think Mr. Taylor wore the exact same outfit in Missoula as well! LOL!!!


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