Beauty and the Geek

Anybody else watching Beauty and the Geek? I liked last season much better, but I’m starting to get drawn in this season. Any favorites? I don’t know who to root for yet ~ I like them all, but I find myself pulling for Sam and Nicole. I’m not crazy about Sam, but I really like Nicole. Probably because she’s the underdog and I always root for the underdog.

4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Geek

  1. I love Beauty and the Geek – though I agree that last season was better than this one.I always love the Geek Makeover Episode and thought they did a great job with a couple of the Geeks this time. I like Nicole a lot. I also like the LARPer guy (sorry, can’t remember his name right now). Not sure why, but he seems like a very genuine person.I did not like Sam from the beginning and was glad when his makeout partner got voted off! I’m cruel – I know.


  2. Jen ~ The LARPer dude is Dave. I was really hoping Nicole was going to invite him to prom. I thought for sure she had as much of a crush on him as he does for her.I was glad Rebecca got voted off too ~ I wasn’t too fond of Will. I sure did feel bad for her though when she was crying so hard while she was trying to study because no one would help her. That was sad ~ although to some extent, she and Will burned their own bridges.


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