What I’m Reading Now

So, I got Rosie Dunne yesterday, after reading what Wena had to say about it over at Book Binge. Cracked it open and thought I’d skim the first few pages, you know as a preview ~ something to look forward to once I finished Eclipse. Yeah. 150 pages later. I’ve laughed, I’ve gotten misty ~~ and I’m only a little less than halfway through it. I’m hoping to finish it tonight after Ugly Betty. I’m thinking this book is definitely one I can’t take to the gym with me ~ people will think I’m nuts. So, I’m reading it in the privacy of my own home where I’m free to react to what’s on the pages anyway I want to 😀

In other news, I’m about halfway finished with Eclipse and hope to have it finished by the weekend. After that I have to read and review Caine’s Reckoning, since that’s due by the end of the month. Then I’ll probably have to finsh A Lady of the West, since I’m about 100 pages into it now.

So, what’s everybody else reading?

6 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now

  1. I’m a couple chapters into THE COURTESAN’S DAUGHTER by Claudia Dain but like you, I have the book you’re reading sitting here in the TBR. The only reason I didn’t start it already was because the ladies at Book Binge said it was a tearjerker and the book I read yesterday, THE WEDNESDAY LETTERS by Jason F. Wright, made me cry like a baby while reading it that I decided to give my girls a break from watching me with puffy eyes and walking around with a box of tissues. ROFL Although I hope to get to them soon!


  2. Man! You are over your reading slump, aren’t you?? Good for you!!I’m currently reading <>Revealed<> – an edgy inspirational. Not everyone’s cuppa, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m planning on ditching the family for the living room tonight so I can finish it. Then I’m not sure what I’ll read.


  3. Mad ~ I saw your review on The Wednesday Letters and have it requested from the library. It looks good!Jen ~ I’ll say. Reading mojo has come back with a vengeance. Thank goodness! I was beginning to think it would never come back!Izzy ~ I’m liking Eclipse so far. Lots of Edward, which is good. Kiddo says I’m going to hate Jacob by the time I’m done. That makes me sad ~ he’s a good friend for Bella.


  4. I’m reading LORD OF THE FADING LANDS by C.L. Wilson. I’ve been reading some category romances because I picked up 3 SEs by Jessica Bird (aka JR Ward) at the UBS.


  5. Rosie ~ I’ve thought of picking up some categories just so I had something around for a quick read. That’s all I used to read, way back when 😀 So, how are the Jessica Bird categories?


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