Up Ahead

Front row, center ~ October 26. Woo-hoo. Never mind my hatred of crowds and public places (or the fact that I’ll be the only singleton in my group of 7), this is James Taylor!

14 thoughts on “Up Ahead

  1. Holly ~ I’m excited. I absolutely love him! I don’t think the man could sing a bad song. Kristie ~ It looks good, doesn’t it. I’m hoping that they didn’t include all the funny parts and the rest of it is a dud. I’m hopeful ~ It’s Disney, after all.


  2. Zeek ~ Now I just have to wait almost 2 months to see it. It’s the first preview I’ve seen for a “good” movie in awhile.Izzy ~ I may have to drag kiddo with me. But then again, she still watches Finding Nemo, so I doubt I’ll have to do much in the way of bribery.


  3. Dev…James Taylor? Where are you going to see him? Bozeman? Missoula? Where? Man, me too, very greeny. I’d heard about the movie and had no idea what it was about. Looks cute.


  4. Just read your post again… Man I’m so jealous. Still. 🙂You know someday I’ll tell you about the JAMES TAYLOR concert I didn’t get to see because my baby sister didn’t show up to babysit. Yeah, I haven’t totally forgiven her for that some 15 years later. But I’m not bitter or anything.


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