Catching Up and Apologizing

Well, I still haven’t read anything ~ it’s been 6 months and I just can’t seem to stick to anything. My schedule is crazy ~ get up, work, workout, cook dinner, make my foods for the next day, go to bed…and this is everyday. I do sometimes read a little when I’m on the stationary bike, but that’s about it. Although, I’m re-reading Getting What You Want by Kathy Love and am almost done with it. Next up is The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheevers by Julia Quinn. I’ve got a stack of books ready to be read…wish I could get to them soon.

I’ve lost 50 pounds since January. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m close. My big thing was to be the same size as my sister by the wedding ~ she helped out by getting pregnant, so woo-hoo 🙂

April 22, I noticed a bulge at the top of my rib cage. We thought it was just a twisted muscle, so I didn’t really think too much about it….but almost 2 months later it was still there so I went to the doctor. Doctor scheduled a CT scan, but it didn’t really show anything as far as my ribs were concerned ~ doctor thought I’d fractured my top 4 ribs and the bulge was just scar tissue. I’ve never fractured a rib in my life ~ at least not to my knowledge. Anyway, the CT scan also showed some spots on my spleen, so she scheduled me an appointment with a surgeon. Surgeon says that my cartilige outside my ribcage is inflamed, but that should go away eventually. He also said I’ve never fractured a rib and would have known it if I had. I’m scheduled for another CT scan in October to check the spleen. If the spots change, I’ll have to have it removed ~ if the spots stay the same, we’ll continue monitoring.

I was in a car accident on my birthday (April 25) and ended up in the emergency room. Kid ran a red light and lucky me, he didn’t have insurance. This was easily the worst birthday ever. Luckily, I didn’t reinjure anything from the last accident, so the emergency room was the only doctor visit I had to do.

Kiddo, sister and I are headed to North Dakota next week for a family reunion. Kiddo has her driver’s permit, so will probably drive the whole way. We’re going to the library to get a couple of audio books for the trip.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, but since I haven’t reading I didn’t want to just post about nothing. Hopefully this funk goes away ~ I want to attack these stacks!

14 thoughts on “Catching Up and Apologizing

  1. Devonna!!! It’s SO good to hear from you! Books or not, I’m glad you posted.50 POUNDS??? That’s fantastic! I’ve just started (again) to try to lose weight. I’m only down 6 and still have a loooooong way to go! You’re an inspiration to me!I’m sorry for your horrible birthday but I’m glad the accident wasn’t worse. And I’m sorry about all the rib/spleen stuff. Please keep us updated as to what’s going on there.Have a great trip up to ND. It’s great to hear from you!


  2. Devonna!!! Hi! ::waving madly:: I’m so glad you popped in. I’m so happy, proud and impressed with your weight loss. 50 pounds is an incredible achievement.I’m being redundant here, but like Jenster I hope you will keep us posted on your rib/spleen stuff.Have a safe trip. It was good to hear what’s going on in your world.


  3. DEVONNA!!!! Girl, I’ve missed you! I’m so glad you came back to update us. I’ve been thinking about you.How scary about the car accident, spleen and rib cage situation. Please keep us posted!And HOLY COW! 50 pounds is a major accomplishment! That’s amazing! How are you feeling?I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your funk goes away. Keep in touch!


  4. Jen ~ Thanks! I’ll try not to stay away so long. I can’t believe I was gone as long as I was.Rosie ~ Sorry I’ve been such a bad blog buddy. I don’t know where the last 5 months went.Holly ~ Missed you too! Feeling good. I have more energy now, which is always a plus.Izzy ~ Missed you too! I’m slowly getting there. Of course, vacation is vacation and I’m planning on eating some junk food, but I’ll get back on track when I come home on the 9th. 🙂


  5. OMG you’re baaack! I missed you!!! Dude you don’t have to post about books only! Anything will do. I post crap all the time and people still read it. LOLOh and I don’t know what diet you’re on but mom and I tried this new one [very healthy since I’m not into weird diets] and we’ve lost 13 lbs in three weeks so I recommend it. It’s called Kimkins.


  6. DEVONNA!!!I am ever glad to hear from you! You really have been missed sweetie. 😛 don’t car accidents just suck?? happy belated birthday and congrats on the weight lost. what’s the secret?that’s one major slump. hope your reading picks up. again, i’m really glad to hear from you.HUGS!!!!


  7. Woohoo!! You’re back and congrats on the weight loss! Sorry about all the health problems but I hope that it all works out and like others say, it don’t have to be about the books!!I’m going to force myself to read over the next month. I see people reading 20 books in a month and my mouth drops open!Glad you dropped in and have a great time at your family reunion!CindyS


  8. Devonna!!! Yeeaaa you are back!! As you can see you were really missed and like Mailyn said, it doesn’t just have to be about books. When blogging friends drop out we really do miss you!! And worry!!Great news about the weight loss!! Good for you! And I’m glad you’re ok from the car accident. That’s two of you now! So hopefully even if you’re not reading, you won’t be gone so long cause we really did miss you


  9. Devonna, I am adding my happiness at seeing you on-line again. You have been missed – a lot. Even a one or two word post saying “I’m here” is all you need to do – we worry about you.Man, sorry to hear about the car accident, and I’m with everyone on wanting to be updated on your ribs and spleen. Sending tons of positive vibes your way.And major congrats on the weight loss. You should be so proud of yourself. I plan on stopping by and checking in from time to time, now that I know you’re back 🙂


  10. Tara Marie ~ Thank you and I didn’t intend to stay away so long this time around. I don’t know where the last 6 months went. 🙂Mailyn ~ I’ve been doing South Beach and it’s working well for me. I know I don’t have to post just about books, but without my reading, I’m really pretty boring 🙂Ames ~ Car accidents really do suck. And then when the guy who hit you doesn’t have insurance, that just makes it suck more. Hope you’re healing up and feeling better 🙂Cindy ~ I started on the new Julia Quinn last night and am 100 pages into it now. I’m hoping to have it finished within the next few days. Vacation starts tomorrow, so I should have some reading time coming to me.Kristie ~ I missed everybody here too. I promise to post more, even if it’s not all about the books. Stacy ~ I’m glad to be back. I really didn’t realize I’d been gone so long until I got online and saw my last post was in the beginning of January! Wow! Kookie ~ Hi! I plan on posting more, so you should see updates more often. May not all be about the books, but I’ll post ~ I promise.


  11. I don’t think you’re boring at all! I’m glad it’s working for you. I say whatever it takes to make you feel better is weel worth it! Oh and I so want to see pics of you at your sis’ wedding! ^_^


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