Quick Drive-By

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth ~ Well, not yet, anyway. I think my mojo is coming back. I cracked open Reflections by Nora Roberts on Saturday and before I knew it, I’d read 100 pages. I’ve read this story before ~ probably close to 20 years ago. I’d always wanted to read the follow-up, but couldn’t ever find it. I was lounging around at the library on Saturday and voila ~ both of the novels in one book!

So far, I’ve kept every promise I’ve made to myself at the beginning of the year. I’ve restarted eating healthier and to date, I’ve lost 8 pounds. So, I take an hour of reading time and use it for exercise time. Of course, now that I’ve got my mojo back as a semi-resident, I’ve got less time to read.

Sis and I went to a bridal show yesterday ~ The coolest thing they had was a mock reception where they fed all of us who attended. I thought that was pretty crafty ~ great marketing on their products. Of course, we already have the reception hall and food all planned for, but I hope they get some business from it.

22 thoughts on “Quick Drive-By

  1. Wow – your reading mojo back AND losing 8 lbs! What more could a girl ask for?!

    Sounds like you and the sis had a good time at the bridal show. Sampling all the food is so much fun *g*. We’re doing that all right now, too, while we try to figure out where to have the reception for Jeff’s bar mitzvah. Yum 🙂 But I swear, it’s as involved (and as expensive, dammit) as planning a wedding!


  2. Jen ~ Thanks! Glad to see you out and about again 🙂

    Izzy ~ I’m trying 🙂

    Jodi ~ LOTS of veggies ~ at least 60 minutes of exercise a day….oh, and LOTS of veggies. 🙂

    Lori ~ It is fun..sure a lot of work though. On top of this, I’m also planning the bridal shower/bachelorette party. I’m in the process of trying to track down the fat stripper my sister got my on my 25th birthday. Paybacks and all of that……


  3. Hey Devonna, that’s awesome news. I hope overall you’re feeling better. And you’re out there socializing – sounds like you’re having a fun time. Good for you 🙂


  4. Woohoo on the losing weight! I keep telling myself I’m ready to make a change and then a McD’s pops-up and I’m done 😉

    Glad your reading mojo is trying to make it’s way back to you.

    60 minutes of exercise. Meh.



  5. Ames ~ Still working on it ~ I want to get a few things in order on my end first……

    Jodi ~ Completely understand. It took me awhile to get into the habit.

    AG ~ I’m still reading the Nora Roberts, plus a Stephanie Plum, plus a Janet Chapman. When my mojo came back, he came back with a vengence!

    Stacy ~ I am, but I’m so busy lately I just want a few lazy days … hopefully next weekend.

    Cindy ~ Now we’re joining a gym. Ugh ~ the last thing my middle-aged ass wants to do is go hang out with college hardbodies for an hour.

    Holly ~ I’ve missed you, too. I promise I’ll get better at the blogging. I’m just trying to find my groove right now so I can fit everything in 🙂

    Mailyn ~ Thanks! Between my sister’s wedding in April, family reunion in July and high school reunion in July, I’ve got some motivators that will hopefully keep me on track.


  6. I totally understand, I’ve been in a blogging/reviewing slump myself. All day long I have these thoughts and say to my self “Self, you need to blog about this” and then I open a doc and nothing comes. *le sigh*

    Oh well, that’s life, right?


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