Quick Update

I woke up at 3:30 this morning. I’d planned on sleeping in, but so much for that plan. I’ll take a nap later, I suppose. I’m pretty sure I’ll need it. But I’m pretty ticked ~ I was looking forward to sleeping in. Usually, I’m one of “those”. I set my alarm even on the weekends. But I didn’t last night ~ on purpose.

Finger update: When I went to the doctor on Thursday I truly was expecting to get a cortizone injection. The doctor suspects I have low-grade arthritis but before he actually makes the diagnosis, he’s running some blood work. They took about 10 vials and are running tests. He did put me on a high-level anti-inflammatory that I’m supposed to take for the next two weeks and then will need to go back. He also put me in something called a digital sleeve ~ basically it’s just a nylon finger sleeve that I need to wear to give it extra support. And he restricted me from working at B&N for the day. So far, it’s helping (the digital sleeve). I’ve slept through the night 2 nights in a row. Which is great, because that hasn’t happened for the last 12 weeks or so. So I go back on the 21st ~ depending on the blood work I’ll more than likely have to have a “procedure” done where the make a small incision and send a camera scope into the cartilage area to see where the arthritis is located and then most likely will have to have a cortizone injection.

Foot update: I was expecting just a short visit. I thought maybe he’d take my orthotics and make a quick adjustment to see if that would help with the pain. Well, it wasn’t that simple. He did take my orthotics, but it’ll be about 2 weeks before I get them back. In the meantime, I’m wearing some cheap ones from wal-mart. They don’t give the support my other ones do, but they’re better than nothing. And I got cortizone injections. Not fun. He also said that although he wouldn’t outright tell me to quit the job at B&N, he didn’t recommend that I stay there. Not working the hours I’m currently working ~ so if she doesn’t cut me down to the 1 or 2 days that I told her I’d be willing to work when she interviewed me, I’m going to end up having to leave. Which is too bad because I really do like it ~ I just don’t like the excessive hours. Then with the shots, he restricted me from working at B&N until at least 12/12. He also tried to restrict me from working at my day job, but I begged him to let me go. I told him it was a desk job and I promised I wouldn’t do any unnecessary walking. So he let me go. But by the time I got there I was a hurting mess and pretty much in tears the whole time. So I did the things I absolutely needed to get done that day (which is why I begged to be able to go to work) and then the boss told me to go home and take care of myself. So, I’m hoping for the best. I’m hoping that with a combination of the injections and the adjusted orthotics I’ll get better. If I don’t, the next step is surgery and nobody wants that. I just miss my walks. I used to go on long power walks with my friend up and down the hills of Pioneer Park and I haven’t been able to in so long. I miss my aerobic dancing ~ I miss dancing in general. Not that I’ve gone out and done any, but I used to. And once my feet get better, I will again.

So, I basically laid around the house yesterday with ice on my feet and read some more of my book, watched some movies, took some naps ~ and then I picked up my niece from school and we went to a Matinee ~ Happy Feet. I’ll post about that later, but it was very cute.

So that’s a quick update to follow up on my last little pity party. I’ve got some quick reading updates to post and hopefully my blog will once again focus on my reading and not so much on all my personal crap.

5 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Ouch, so sorry to hear you’re in pain. I hope everything works out and eventually you’ll be able to do those power walks…unless the doctor says otherwise. Do you already know if that’s the case?


  2. Lori ~ I’m working on it. Hopefully soon.

    Stacy ~ Doctor says I’ll get there again eventually, it’s just a slow process. So far it’s been 5 months ~ hopefully by spring it’ll be better.


  3. Do you know what is wrong with your feet? Just in the past few months Bob has been having horrible pain in his feet but it’s normally after a busy day or standing for long periods of time. I’m just so sorry that you are going through this. That whole camera up the finger thing would freak me the hell out!

    I hope the shots take effect for your feet and I’m glad the digital sleeve is working for your finger.

    You take care of yourself and keep us up to date!



  4. Cindy ~ I have Fasciitis ~ it’s essentially carpal tunnel in your feet. I have orthotics, but they only help short term ~ I can’t stand or walk for more than 1 1/2 hours at a time with them on ~ even less time without them. So, they’re going to get adjused, but it takes about 2 weeks. My foot is still tender from the injection ~ but I should feel pretty good by tomorrow, I think. They said it takes 3-4 days.

    I’m not quite sure yet on the camara scope thing ~ I’ll know more on the 21st. I just hope I don’t have to have more injections ~ I’m left handed and that’s the fingers/joints I’m having problems with. I guess in hind-sight it’s a good thing I’m off the week after Christmas….


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