Holly and Mistletoe

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Why I Read It: Because I’m still on my Christmas kick.

From the Back Cover: Holly Garrett was in trouble. The handsome stranger who’d saved her from a storm was now asking her for help. And he was inviting her to live with him. Sure, she could prepare evening meals and give him sponge baths, but nothing had prepared her for those sexy glances he threw her way…Jordan Haynes couldn’t let Holly be alone for Christmas. Not when visions of her were dancing in his head night after night. No, he could play the needy patient as well as anyone…and convince her to keep him company through the holidays– if not longer.

My Thoughts: I loved the first half of this book. The chemistry between Holly and Jordan practically leapt off the pages and I loved how they connected as friends. I enjoyed how Jordan’s family immediately embraced them into their clan and treated her like one of their own, since she no longer had a family.

Then, about halfway into the book, the story changed and focused more on their attraction and with that, more on Holly’s virginity. She’s 28, but as innocent as a child. She doesn’t understand the physical relationship between men and women. She didn’t know what an erection was. I found it hard to believe that even though she was a virgin she didn’t understand the basic biology of sex. Human reproduction is taught in high school, for goodness sakes. I found this a bit hard to believe that she didn’t understand/know anything about this.

I also didn’t like that I couldn’t ever really figure out how old Jordan was. Susan Mallery didn’t include this in the book. I don’t have an answer to why, but it just irritated me. Probably because I don’t like books with huge age gaps between the H/H.

I’d rate this one Okay. It started out good, but took a turn south towards the middle of the book. I’ll still read the rest of the books in the series (there are 5 Haynes brothers, plus a friend considered a surrogate brother and then the newly discovered half-sister ~ this makes 6 other books in the series) ~ just because I’m a bit of a series whore and need to read all of them. Of course, I usually read them in order but since this was my first Susan Mallery and it was a Christmas book I didn’t know it was part of one.

8 thoughts on “Holly and Mistletoe

  1. Devonna – was she raised in a convent? Come on, let’s be realist here. In our day and age? You can still be a virgin at 28, but no know anything, be totally ignorant? Euh, impossible! Hey, she just has to pick up a romance novel and she’ll discover plenty!


  2. I’ve read most of the books in this series. My Holly & the Misletoe was the original. My favourite one is the friend’s story – let’s see if I can find it – OK found it – Marriage on Demand. Granted it’s been years since I’ve read this series, but I quite like MOD at the time.


  3. Nath ~ That’s what drove me crazy. I think if she’s 28 she would at least understand the basics. It drove me crazy how innocent she was and it seemed to be the focus of the last half of the book.

    AG ~ Thanks! It’s good to see you!

    Kristie ~ I still want to read the rest of the series. A lot of the stories sounded like they were good.


  4. Hey, I’ve read some of this series, and it was pretty good. I think I read the half-sister’s story and one of the other brothers’ stories. They’re all cops, right?

    How can you get to be 28 without understanding the tab A slot B thing? Gimme a break!


  5. Lori ~ Yes, they’re all cops ~ except Jordan who’s a firefighter. I’m still going to read the rest of the series, even though the second half of this story frustrated me beyond reason.


  6. 28 and didn’t know what an erection was? What the heck? That would have made me throw the book at the wall.

    I think I’ll steer clear from this book. Good review though.

    And I too am loving the whole Christmas theme you got going over here even though I’m all bah hum bug myself.



  7. Dylan ~ Thanks! I love the snowflakes. And the whole 28 but doesn’t know the basics of 8th grade history class was just too much. Being a virgin is one thing. But Holly was bordering on TSTL.


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