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Sunday: I had Sunday off, so I vegged all day and watched Christmas movies. All day. Did not get out of my pajamas. It was heaven. I even managed to read a few books Holly and Mistletoe by Susan Mallery and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novella “A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher” from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. I’ll comment more on those later.

Family: My step-brother had a heart attack on Friday night. He was flown to the hospital here, was in critical condition on Saturday, and then was sent home on Sunday. Not quite sure how someone can go from critical one day to being discharged the next, but whatever. From what I hear, he’s doing fine. I should call him ~ but unfortunately it’s one of those situations that when my Dad died we pretty much lost his whole side of the family. I should call ~ he used to be my brother.

B&N: I am so completely exhausted. When I interviewed last week, I said I’d be willing to work one or two nights during the week and one day on the weekend. Last week, I was scheduled for 25 hours; this week, I’m scheduled for 30. I don’t know how I can do that plus work my day job. I may end up having to resign ~ and it’s only been a week. But in a week’s time, it’s gone from being my favorite place to the last place I want to be. I talked to the supervisor about it last night, but it’s almost like she didn’t hear me. There are a lot of nice people working there and two of them I’m friendly with (they actually gave me recommendations to work there). So, if I quit, I don’t want it to reflect poorly on them. I just can’t do this pace. This week, I’m scheduled to work Tuesday until 11pm, I’m on call tonight and Thursday night to work until 11pm (I’m told it’s highly likely I’d have to work), I’m scheduled Friday until 11pm, and then Saturday from 11am-7pm. On top of these hours, is my day job ~ Mon-Fri 7am-5pm. One or two nights like that is fine ~ but all week? It’s gruelling.

Health Stuff (this sounds a bit like a whiny poor me type of post, so you may want to skip this one): I have doctor’s appointments tomorrow and Friday (so glad I can pay their mortgages since I can’t afford one of my own). Tomorrow is the hand specialist and Friday is the foot specialist. Someday, I’ll post a poor me rant about what’s gone on this year. It’s ugly. Anyway, I’ve been having problems with my left hand for about 10 weeks now. My regular doctor can’t find anything wrong with it so has now referred me to a specialist. Said specialist is talking about possibly starting me on cortisone shots. I’ll know more on that tomorrow. As for the foot doctor ~ I found out in October that I had fasciitus, basically it’s like carpal tunnel only it’s in your feet. I have inserts and they help, but I’m now finding out that I can’t stand or walk for more than 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours at the most without being in pain ~ and then I can’t hardly walk at all. I’m told to take Aleve or Tylenol as anti-inflammatories. Well, I take approximately 4 of each every day ~ and they’re not helping much. I tell you I sure feel a lot older than I actually am. And actually, I’m not sure with my feet the way they are, how much longer I’ll be able to work at B&N. Which, with as tired as I am, would almost be a God-send if the doctor told me I couldn’t/shouldn’t work there anymore.

Tagged: I was tagged by Izzy on a Meme. I promise I’ll get it posted soon! I’m on call tonight, but if I don’t have to work then I’ll get it posted then.

Currently Reading: Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman. I am loving this story! I just wish I had more time to read it.

13 thoughts on “Things, Life, Whatnot

  1. That sucks about Barnes and Noble. I know with Christmas, they might be bombarded and that’s why they are sticking you with all these hours. My sister used to work retail and they did the same thing to her.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  2. {{{{DEVONNA}}}}

    I did the two job thing-and I lasted one week. Don’t feel bad-because your health is more important. I think so anyway. But I hope you feel better soon. 😛


  3. Dude your health is WAY more important. If you get sick from the work and stress you will have to quit all the same PLUS have to pay doctors and maybe even hospitals to fix you back up. So, explain to the people that recommened you what is going on and also add in the doctor’s visit and the problem with your feet and I’m sure they will understand.

    Good luck with the docs!!


  4. That’s way too much work!! I worked two full-time jobs for one three-month period and it was hell. The money never seems worth it! I hope they’ll let you cut your hours.

    Good luck with the doctor visits. 🙂


  5. I’m sorry to hear about your poor health- and I agree working two jobs isn’t likely to help it along in a good way. I’d try to be assertive about only working 25 or fewer hours. Otherwise they’ll happily steamroll you. Usually all management is worried about is floor coverage.


  6. I’m sorry this is already happening – I think mostly cuz it’s the holiday season. I had a lot of that in my first year @ B&N. I quit after the first year – couldn’t take it anymore. I was getting crabby with the customers. I got to where I only worked one day a week, but even that got to be too much. It’s a very physical job sometimes too.

    I really hope everything works out for you {{{hugs}}} The discount is great and the holiday appreciation days rock.


  7. I should clarify and say that after I quit, they asked me to come back for the holidays, which I did, then they negotiated with me to work the 1 day a week and I stayed 3 more years.


  8. Hang in there Chickie lala! I believe it’s the holiday season too that’s making it worse! After it’s over it should settle down!

    BUT, only YOU know what you can handle!!!!



  9. Oh, Devonna! I’m so sorry to hear that you don’t enjoy working at B&N, eps. when you were so looking forward to it. But yeah, 2 jobs is a lot! I’m sure your friends won’t mind if you quit… and as everyone said, health is much more important.


  10. Izzy ~ I understand the Christmas thing, but I did tell them when I interviewed that I only wanted one or two nights a week. I’ll need to sit down with the manager tomorrow and talk to her about it.

    Ames ~ It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just work the one or two nights that I said I would be available. But she’s trying to schedule me 4-5 nights plus all day on Saturday. I can’t do that and work my full-time job too.

    Mailyn ~ I’m actually going to talk to my friends who recommended me before I talk to the manager just so that they know what’s going on. Then, I’ll talk to the manager and hopefully she can work with me on this. I do like the job and the people are great ~ it’s just way too many hours.

    Jennie ~ The money’s definitely not worth it when you think that after taxes for a five-hour shift you’re maybe taking home $20.00.

    Amanda ~ I’ll be talking to the manager tomorrow. I’m hoping they’d be happy enough with my performance that they would want to work with me on this.

    Stacy ~ I’m sure a lot of this is because of the holidays, but when I interviewed I said I wanted only 1 or 2 nights. If they wanted me for more nights than that, I think they should have been honest and upfront about it from the beginning.

    Zeek ~ I know it’s crazy with the holidays but there are other part-timers who only work one or two nights. I’m hoping they’ll be able to work with me.

    Nath ~ I would enjoy it if it weren’t so many hours. It’s just way too much. The people that I work with are fantastic and I love that aspect it. They also have me as lead cashier and I enjoy that as well. I just can’t enjoy it 30 hours a week.


  11. hey I saw yo uask about this on Dylan’s blog and just so you know, you CAN delete unwanted comments in your blog. Log in then check the comments and there will a little trash can by each comment. Just click that. Then it will ask if you want to delete that permanently. Just say yes and there ya go! ^_^


  12. Oh I’m late but wanted to give you hugs! I wouldn’t so much as quit as just not show up for shifts that they have overscheduled you on.

    Remember, I don’t have a job for a reason. Still, they will push until you make them stop. You are not beholden to them in any way.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your feet and your hand. I hate when doctors tell you to take over the counter meds when that’s what you’ve been doing the whole time and they aren’t working. I hope that you can find something to make it better. I wonder if the cortizone shots would also affect your feet or if it is more local?



  13. Mailyn ~ Thanks! I feel a little ignorant but I just couldn’t figure it out.

    Cindy ~ The cortizone shots are more local. And what happened is I ended up not getting shots in my finger, like I expected. I got about 10 vials of blood taken instead and a prescription for some anti-inflammatories. But, depending on what happens I may still end up getting shots when I go back on the 21st. But, at the foot doctor, I just expected a quick adjustment to my orthotics. I got cortizone shots instead. I can’t ever outguess anymore.


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