Studio 60 Anyone?

So, who watched Studio 60 last night? Can I just say how much I love this show?

Those of you who watched, what did you think of what Danny said to Jordan? Or how about Matt and Harriet?

Last night was easily one of my favorite shows of the season. I don’t think there was one part of last night’s show I did not like. It’s going to be a long month before I see my friends at Studio 60 again ~ I’m looking forward to January when it’s back on.

12 thoughts on “Studio 60 Anyone?

  1. I have never watched this show. We lost all of our networks (we live to far out to get regular channels and DishNetwork was under court order to turn off all distant feed networks – so no more Dougray Scott on Desperate Housewives for Jen!) so I won’t be able to check it out. I love Matthew Perry though!


  2. Jen ~ I’ve had a thing for Matthew Perry since his days on Growing Pains (yes, it’s been a long, long time). I would probably be pretty frustrated without my shows ~ can you at least get antenna reception where you are for local channels?


  3. OMGOMGOMG! LOVED it! And I must say, I think I have a crush on Aaron Sorkin for creating these fantastic men!

    I laughed out loud at Jordan’s expression after Danny told her he was coming after her (and how hot was THAT!, especially with her face full of food! LMAO!

    I also laughed at Harriet saying “And this is Matt” when signing on to the “news”. Obviously Matt startled her with that kiss!

    Is JAN when it’s coming back? I missed that … I know heroes isn’t back on till Jan 22nd …

    (THANK YOU for posting on this, btw!)


  4. Oh and that scene with Jack (Stephen Weber) talking to Ed Asner? Classic Sorkin! Loved that too!

    you’re right … there wasn’t much of last night’s ep that I didn’t like!


  5. Zeek ~ Danny absolutely melted my heart when he said those things to Jordan ~ and there she sits with her chipmunk cheeks full of food ~ wonderful! I think I now have a crush on Danny.

    And yes, when Harry said “This is Matt” and then you see Matt smirk just a little bit. Very cool. And I shrieked when Matt pushed her against the wall and then laid that kiss on her. Big old swoon.

    I loved when Jack visited with Mr. White and he was all ready to resign and White wouldn’t have any of it.

    Yup ~ definitely one of the best shows of the season (maybe even the best?).


  6. Love Studio 60! And last night’s ep was definitely the best so far! I really hope the ratings improve – or they just decide to keep it around. :o)

    I hope Steven Weber’s character becomes less of an ass as the season continues. LOL Until last night he was nothing but annoying!


  7. C2 ~ Jack was much more human on this week’s show. I’m hoping we get to see more of that. This was by far my favorite episode of the season. Of course, I deleted it off my dvr after I watched it. Wish I hadn’t done that.

    Maggie ~ Oh, you’ve got to watch it. My favorite episode of the season!


  8. I would jump a man who said what Danny said! I loved it and I died a little when he said it and then just left. Course, I love both of these male actors and I may be warped but I find both men very sexy.

    My favourite show was the two parter with John Goodman as the judge – it was really way too funny.



  9. Jen ~ That stinks. I’m a little too addicted to my TV shows I think.

    Cindy ~ I know! I started watching because of Matthew Perry. I never watched The West Wing (well, except for the few episodes that Matthew was in) so I wasn’t drawn in by the whole Aaron Sorkin angle. But man, after what Danny said, I am crushing on him big time. And yes, both men are very sexy. I completely agree.

    Zeek ~ Thanks, thanks, thanks! I’ve watched it I don’t know how many times today. BTW ~ they’re re-airing this episode on December 18. I’ll have to remember not to delete it from my DVR this time….


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