Things You’re All Dying to Know About Me

I stole this from Stacy’s blog.

5 Yummy things

1. Seafood
2. Coffee Ice Cream
3. Frog Eye Salad
4. Raspberry Vinaigrette
5. Caesar Salad

5 songs I know by heart

1. “Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups
2. “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison
3. “Manic Monday” by The Bangels
4. “Amanda” by Boston
5. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard

5 things I’d do with a lot of money

1. Pay off my debt
2. Go to Italy and Greece
3. Take my extended friends and family on a dream vacation
4. Donate to charity
5. Open my own business

5 places I would escape to

1. Greece
2. Italy
3. Norway
4. Ireland
5. Alaska

5 things I would never wear (I stole these all from Stacy ~ I agree with every one of them)

1. Spandex
2. tube top
3. daisy dukes
4. turtleneck
5. mini-skirt

5 favorite TV shows

1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. What About Brian
4. Cold Case
5. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

5 things I enjoy doing (Again, I stole from Stacy)

1. reading
2. watching movies
3. traveling
4. music
5. being with friends and family

5 favorite toys

1. computer
2. camera
3. my car
4. cell phone
5. dvr

I’m tagging anyone who wants to play. Have fun!

20 thoughts on “Things You’re All Dying to Know About Me

  1. I LOVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! Which brother or sister is your favorite? Mine is Justin, LOVE HIM! “I’ll help you, Tommy” oh gosh I cried!I want to go to Greece too!Great list here sweetie!


  2. Jen ~ It’s a sweet salad made with Acini de Pepe (the little tiny round pasta). I get asked to make it for every family function ~ It’s so good! It’s got miniature marshmallows, cream whip, mandarin oranges, and pineapple in it also. I’ll post the recipe if you want.Dylan ~ I love them all, but Justin breaks my heart more than anybody. I love Sarah, Kitty and Kevin ~ Thomas I don’t really know enough about yet.


  3. Zeek ~ Homemade is definitely better. I make a homemade raspberry vinaigrette that I absolutely love ~ and it’s so easy. Oriental dressing is one of my favorites ~ I like miso and/or sesame dressing best. Although there’s this local terriyaki express place that has a homemade dressing that’s creamy and it’s so good. Drat ~ I may have to go there for lunch today.


  4. I would LOVE you to post the recipe. Sounds yummy.

    I don’t want to brag, you know, but the Bangels played at my highschool when I was a senior. So did Oingo Boingo (anyone know who they are??) LOL



  5. Oh, how much am I loving Studio 60?? I’m glad someone else is, too, since there was such a question of whether it would be picked up for the whole season. :o) And please post the whole recipe for the Frog Eye Salad…I’m so intrigued. LOL


  6. Jen ~ You are lucky! I absolutely love the Bangels ~ I can’t imagine how it would have been to have them play at my high school. And yes, I do remember Oingo Boingo ~~ they didn’t play the same time the Bangels did, did they? I just can’t imagine those two bands together. I’ll be posting the recipe in a separate post for anyone who wants to snag it.

    C2 ~ I’ll be posting the recipe a little later. I hear rumors that cancellation is eminent for Studio 60 and I so hope that is not true. I’m loving this show so much ~ it would be a shame to cancel it.

    Devon ~ That song brings back memories, let me tell you. I slow danced to that song with a boy during my senior year of high school and I had such a crush on him. I can’t hear that song and not think about Shawn. Such great memories.


  7. Holy cow! Blogger just ate my whole comment! Dang! I am SO not rewriting it all.

    I just disagreed with your choice of Boston song. Their 3rd album SO did not do it for me! Although I got a great high at the concert for that album *g*


  8. Lori ~ I hate it when that happens. I’m sometimes smart enough to copy what I’ve written and paste it in a word document before I post ~ but it’s rare and of course those are the times when I actually sound eloquent and well-spoken. Their 3rd album was a lot different than their other stuff, but I think that’s what I liked about it. We have an 80’s station here that plays “Amanda” quite a lot ~ before the station started up, I don’t think I’d heard that song in years.


  9. Jen ~ You must be living in a hole πŸ™‚ The first 3 are all ABC, the 4th one is CBS and #5 is NBC. I just got addicted to Monarch Cove on Lifetime too ~ but I don’t watch near the TV I used to.


  10. I was totally eloquent and wonderfully well spoken *g*. Oh, and I did also mention how I liked that your new theme was all wintry, even if it was 90 degrees here in SoCal today.

    As for the 3rd Boston album being different, I don’t think that was such a good thing. I thought that album sounded all the same. I couldn’t tell one song from the other. I am, however, a huge Boston fan, and I did go to the concert for that album, and had a great time. Had a tremendous high *g*. From what I remember (not much), I was in the middle between hubby and friend, and I believe the joint was passed like this: Bob, me, Marty, me, Bob, me, Marty, me… ahhh, the wonderful days of college πŸ™‚


  11. Hey Devonna,

    Justin breaks my heart the most and OMGosh he’s going back! *sigh* it should get interesting with Justin going to Iraq. Tommy used to get on my nerves, but he’s totally come around at least for me, it helps that I used to have a monster crush on him back in the day. LOL. LOVE me some Balthazar Getty…haha.

    I think my second favorite is Kevin though, he’s so cute and yet so socially retarded, he needs help and he knows it, I love watching the show to see what mischief Kevin will get into next.

    I’ve come around with Sarah, oh I couldn’t stand her in the beginning of the show, but I totally love her now.

    Kitty, oh gosh she was awesome last night..when she told Warren that YES she did do it and YES she’d do it again, because that’s her family. I was rootin’ her on! I’d love for Rob Lowe to stick around and give Warren a run for his money! haha.

    Love this show!


  12. ITA on everything you just said ~ although, the previews talked about holiday miracles ~ I’m thinking Justin’s not going anywhere. And I was so glad that Sarah, Tommy & Kevin found that money.

    Kevin is the most fun to watch though ~ the poor boy is so clueless and has like no social skills. He just fumbles from one mistake to the next.


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