My Perfect Romance

I’ve thought a lot over the years of what my perfect romance would be. I’ve had the instant sparks ~ but once the sparks died, so did the romance. I’ve had the teenage arch-nemesis turned puppy love kind of romance. That didn’t last either. As I’ve gotten older, what I want is a friend. Someone who knows me, I mean really knows me and can love me because of it or even in spite of it.

I want someone I’ve known for years, someone I’m comfortable with, and someone I just look at one day and something’s different. I want to be taken be surprise. I want it to sneak up on me. And I want it forever.

I want someone to laugh with, someone I can just sit with and enjoy the quiet, someone who I can just “be” with. Someone I’ve joked with, talked to, laughed with for years and then one day I just look into his eyes and there’s just something different. Something more.

Someone I can share a deep, abiding, forever kind of something. Let’s face it. When it comes to romance we’ve all gotten the butterflies. The period of infatuation where your skin tingles with awareness and your stomach seems to flutter at a million beats a minute. And your heart stops. But after that period is over, I feel, is where the deeper loves comes. That’s when I know somebody. When I can connect without having to say a word. A love that can still make my heart stop after years of looking at him. Someone I can just look at and I’m home. That’s the love I want. That’s the love that can last a lifetime.

So tell me, what is your perfect romance? What is the fantasy you dream of?

17 thoughts on “My Perfect Romance

  1. I like the way you describe, and that’s what I want, too. Butterflies and all. A guy who makes your heart beat faster but who is also your friend. Someone you like as well as love. That’s what I hope to have one day.


  2. That’s was so nice! I don’t have a perfect roomance. Just someone that, like you said, will listen to me and love all of me. As to how it happens, well any way it does I am fine. Can be someone I never knew. Or someone I’ve always known. It don’t matter so much as how they are. Now, if we are talking fantasy, I wouldn’t mind a dark and tortured smexy hero a la Anne Stuart. But only if it’s fiction. In real like they’d give me a headache. LOL.


  3. Having a friend is the best. When you turn around one day after all the teasing and joking around and he kisses you… Well you have to hope the romance works because you could lose the friend. I got lucky. I was talking to my FIL yesterday and told him it still amazes me how much I <><>like<><> Greg. The longer we are married the more I realize that enjoying his company and conversation is so important.You are on the right track. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if they like to read! ; )


  4. Ames ~ Lord knows if I had the butterflies, maybe I could lose some weight 🙂Stacy ~ Me too. It’s what I hope for, anyway.Mailyn ~ Anne Stuart hero? Might as well buy stock in painkillers now 🙂 Rosie ~ I just think it’s nice with the friendship as a foundation ~ everything grows from there. Sounds like you and Greg have a wonderful relationship


  5. Dev, my Greg is a real keeper. : ) I just saw your post on Kristie’s blog about the Monroe series. Email me with your address and I’ll send you mine. I got them at the ubs so they aren’t mint, but I’d be happy to send them to you. Then someday you can do it for someone else and just pay it forward.


  6. I’ve started to respond here several times and then stopped myself. Not sure exactly what I want to say or how to say it. But I’ll give it a go.I’ve been married to Todd for over 18 years and we dated for four years before that. After 22 years the butterflies are far and few between. But I LOVED that feeling and remember it well. I also miss that sometimes.But I wouldn’t trade it for what we have now. That deep friendship you talk of. Knowing I can be completely me and he STILL loves me. Somebody who makes me laugh all the time and painted my toenails for me when I was too pregnant to reach. lolThe security of knowing that just because we don’t agree on something, there’s no fear of him leaving me. I can make him as mad as he’s ever been and he’s still all mine. And even when he is angry, he doesn’t yell and rant and rave.Sometimes we can chat for hours and sometimes we enjoy each other’s company without ever speaking a word. I particularly enjoy sitting in the living room with him, each of us reading in companionable silence.The best is how he makes me feel cherished. I know he loves me. That’s never in any doubt. But what still amazes me is how he looks at me like I’m the most beautiful woman on earth. Or that I’m the most charming. lol I tell him he’s delusional, but I love it!I like how you said, “Someone I can just look at and I’m home.” Yeah. That’s perfect.We may not have the perfect romance, but I think we’ve got something very special and awefully good. And I certainly wish something just as special and just as good for you, too. :o)Jen


  7. Wow that was very well written, so well written that I want one of those too…I want someone who really knows me and loves because of it or in spite of it, great line, and very much what I want.


  8. Devonna, you put it so beautifully. Having your best friend also be your lover is the most wonderful thing. It completely ups the level of trust in your relationship. My hubby and I have been together for 22 years, and we started out as best friends. A whole group of us in college used to go dancing all the time. Bob and I always danced the slow dances together. One night I just got the shivers slow dancing with him and that was it for me. I just knew.I have to say, though, that I still feel the butterflies even after all these years. The man still makes me hot. And he’s still my best friend. That kind of relationship is the greatest gift we can give our children – that it’s ok for men and women to be physically affectionate, to show their love for each other, to give and take, to compromise, to disagree without fighting, to allow each other to have opinions without ridiculing them, to respect one another at all times, and to widen that circle to include your children. How can you do that if your spouse isn’t your best friend?He is out there, Devonna. Those men do exist. And they are worth every bit of annoyance that comes with them (the stinky farts, the smelly socks, etc….)


  9. Wow, Devonna..sounds like you’ve made the list…I have a list with qualities my future man should have. I’m not lowering my standards!!! I want someone to love my quirks…I have a lot of them..and find them cute!I want someone I can trust and who will make me laugh uncontrollably to the pt of tears and me running to the bathroom because I’m peeing myself. Where is such a man?


  10. LOL, Daniela, that’s where I fell down on the job. My hubby meets all the qualities except that one *g*. He’s a teacher and a wannabe rockstar. oy, no money there!


  11. Rosie ~ What a wonderful offer! Thank you 🙂 I actually have a bid on the series at ebay. Now I’m hoping I’ll lose, but it doesn’t like it. One more day to go.Jen ~ That’s beautiful. I need to stop reading blogs at work. I’m sure my coworkers think something is seriously wrong with me. I either laugh or cry (or both) at the drop of the hat when I read these things at work.Dylan ~ Thanks! Here’s hoping we found him soon 🙂Lori ~ I want a relationship like what you have with your husband. Sounds wonderful. And hey, being a teacher and a musician I think is a great thing 🙂Daniela ~ If I knew where he was I’d have tried to snag him by now 🙂 Doesn’t stop me from looking though. One day (soon) I hope ~ we’ll find him.


  12. Uhm…I want MM. LOL Seriously, when I sat down to make my list of the perfect fantasy man, it was him. He’s kind and compassionate, loves me just as I am, laughs with me, wants to take care of me, but knows I don’t NEED to be taken care of. It’s wonderful. *sigh*Here’s hoping y’all find what I have.


  13. I tell him that all the time, Devonna. That he’s perfect, I mean. He says, “Honey, I’m not perfect” and I say, “You’re perfect for me” LOL He is, too.

    Funny, isn’t it, how I wasn’t looking for him when he came along. He was just there one day, filling my life with laughter.

    Good lord, I sound all sappy and happy in love. *gag* I usually hate women like myself. LOL



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