A Crazy Kind of Love

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Recommended by: 2nd in the Marconi Sisters series.

From the Back Cover: The best plumber in California, Michaela “Mike” Marconi likes to keep her romances short, sweet, and to the point. Her friends think she’s just out for a good time, but she has reasons for carefully avoiding relationships with a future. Romance, though, is the last thing on Mike’s mind when she meets Lucas Gallagher. Unfortunately, he pushes all of her buttons in a way no man has. But when he learns the truth about her past, Mike is sure he’ll be the one moving on.

Lucas might know a lot about women, but he left the “relationships” to his twin brother. Michaela, aka Mike, infuriates him as much as she entices him. They quickly go from bickering to bed partners, but neither of them is looking for happily ever after. Until Fate steps in when both of their worlds are turned upside down by disaster, secrets, and revelations. Suddenly Lucas and Mike only have each other to lean on—but, will either of them take a chance on A Crazy Kind of Love?

My Thoughts: From the start I liked this story much better than And Then Came You. I enjoyed the chemistry between Lucas and Mike. I enjoyed that she was always seemed to be invading his space. They had heated disagreements and then suddenly the story got heated in a very different direction. And I mean heated. This was Mike and Lucas’s story, but there were also a lot of interactions from Jo and Sam (Mike’s sisters) as was as the Candellano family (prior series set in the same town as this series), but not so much interaction that it took away from the story.

I’d say this was Good ~ I don’t know if I’d read it again but I wasn’t disappointed by this story at all. It was definitely worth the time to read.

2 thoughts on “A Crazy Kind of Love

  1. Dylan ~ I liked this story. It was my favorite of the series. I’m only 40 pages from the end of the last of this series, so will probably have a post up about it tonight.


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