16 thoughts on “All Right Already

  1. Well, thank you. This is one of my few pictures I have ~ I hate getting my picture taken. Oh the Ann-Margaret picture ~ I thought it was Lisa Whelchel at first. You know, Blair from The Facts of Life.


  2. Rosie ~ The red hair is a gift from my grandmother ~ she didn’t even turn gray until she was in her 80’s. I’m the family odd duck because my mom and my sister are both blonde.Zeek ~ I had to look Bryce up because I didn’t know who she was. I’ve seen “The Village” so it came back to me pretty quickly. I love Julianne Moore ~ I thought any list that included her couldn’t be bad.


  3. I have two sisters with red hair a due to the wee bit of Scottish in our gene pool. Out of 9 kids only two. They both have gorgeous thick auburn hair. You red heads are so lucky!


  4. Jodi ~ Well, thank you 🙂 I’m not a big fan of getting my picture taken, so there’s not a lot of photos around ~ drives my family crazy.Rosie ~ It’s gotten more red as I’ve gotten older. Which I’m okay with ~ but as a kid, my stepmother use to call me “Red”. I really hated that. 🙂


  5. Lori ~ Thanks. I like seeing the pictures of everyone too ~ it’s always great to see the face behind the name.Stacy ~ I love Julianne Moore so I thought it was great she was on my list. Must be the hair color because I just don’t see it.Daniela ~ Thanks. I saw yours when I was blog hopping but now I can’t remember if I posted or not. I’ll have to go back and check.DC ~ It’s fun for me to see how people look. Some look so different than what I pictured ~ some look exactly like I thought they would (like Holly).Dylan ~ It’s good to be original 🙂 I hate getting my picture taken so I don’t have very many pictures of myself hanging around.


  6. Jen ~ It’s been fun to go around to the different blogs and see what everyone looks like. I’ve been surprised by some of them too. As for the hair ~ it seems to get more red every year.


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