My Day So Far

I truly, truly think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I am not fit for public consumption today. My day started off with my receiving a message from one of our VP’s who had been asked by Mr. Egomaniac at work to follow up with me in regards to a project I’m in the middle of. That set me off. I called Mr. Egomaniac and unfortunately got his voicemail. I probably would have been kinder and more eloquent if I’d talked to him in person. So, I left him a scathing message that if he had specific questions on the project, our company believes in open and direct communication and he could ask me himself. I think I also may have mentioned that he had fingers and unless he forgot how to use them, he could call and ask me directly if he had specific questions. Something to that effect. Then, I went directly to my boss and told her that she may hear from a certain someone that I had been rude and I was just letting her know that I was. Hey, at least I let people know when I’m being a bitch.

Oh, and can I just say I cannot wait until these damn elections are over. Our two Senatorial candidates are driving me insane. Conrad Burns and John Tester. John says Conrad is a bad man, Conrad says John is a bad man. Quite frankly they’re both politicians ~ so who’s the pot and who’s the kettle? Commercials on all the time ~ on the TV, on the radio, flyers all over town, door-to-door campaigns…and now, the phone calls have started. Yesterday, they called every 90 minutes like clockwork. Now usually, if I don’t recognize a number I don’t answer. And did I mention that the only phone I have is a cell phone ~ every damn call they make is using up my minutes. So this morning, I answered the phone. The kid got maybe 5 words of his spiel in and I told him I’m not interested and not to call me anymore. “Ma’am”, he said, “this is a political issue and we’re exempt from the Do Not Call List”. I eloquently told him “I don’t give a flying fig (or maybe a referred to something about a flying fart in space ~ I don’t remember) about the Do Not Call List. (This from the girl who hates bad metaphors) I told you to quit calling me. This is a cell phone and you’re wasting my minutes.” He said “No problem”. Yeah, I’ll bet. I bet they call again. The assholes.

It’s only 10:30am. Oh and blogger’s ticking me off too.

11 thoughts on “My Day So Far

  1. Girl, I’m so with you on the whole election thing, if I get one more damn email, phone call about the Terminator or Phil Angelides, Im going to drive to Sacramento and choke them both out with my Charmed powers, LOL.That sucks about home dude from work, I HATE it when they cc my boss on work related things that they could have just asked ME about…why do people always try to put others on blast like that? Stupid jerks! I hope you don’t get into trouble for being rude to Ego guy, though I would’ve done the same thing had it been me.Ugh, sucks, jsut effing sucks!((((((((Devonna))))))))))At least it’s the weekend now!


  2. Dylan ~ I went to my boss first and she basically said “no worries” ~ she’s had run-ins with Ego-Man too. Basically Ego-Man is in a job he shouldn’t be in and we’re just waiting for him to bury himself. It’ll happen ~ sooner or later 🙂 The supervisor card is a big pet peeve of mine and I don’t play that game.


  3. I am totally on board with you on the election thing. Not only do we have the Governator running for re-election here *rolling eyes*, but some dude just got nailed for sending out letter to hispanic voters that said if they voted, they’d all be deported. Lovely, huh?And your workday sounds about like mine. Last minute project that shouldn’t have been. I was at work till 9:30 last night and right back at 6:30 this morning. Just got home now at 7:45 on a Friday night, no less. ICK.And to top it all off, your word verification is something I can’t even begin to see LOL.


  4. I’ll sum it up for ya: politicians suck ass. It;s all that power that goes to their head therefore none of them are any good. I mean, all you see as far as their commercials is how bad the other party stinks. What kind of a campaign is that?!?!Sorry you had a bad day. Good on you for telling dude to fuck off and you have a very cool boss if she doesn’t care. LOL.


  5. Lori ~ One more week to go and these stupid elections will be over. I cannot wait. My boss actually told me to go home early today ~ I’ve been in the middle of 3 time consuming projects and so she told me she’d stay late today. Mailyn ~ Monday has to be better. It just has to be. I really don’t have that many bad days ~ and today wasn’t really bad, I just got up on the wrong side of the bed.


  6. Devonna, sorry your day sucked. Everyone can identify with those sorts of day at work. Ugh!!! However, not to overlook your crap day…what’s this about political calls being exempt from the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY? I haven’t gotten any on my cell…thank God because they are driving us nuts with proposition calls here in CA, but I didn’t know they were exempt for cell phones. Anybody know for sure?


  7. Rosie ~ I found this on information on<>Political solicitations are not covered by the National Do Not Call Registry. Telemarketers calling to solicit charitable contributions are not covered by the registry, but if you make a request to a specific organization that they not call you, they are required to honor your request. If they subsequently call you again, they may be subject to a fine of up to $11,000.<> I get the calls on my cell because that’s the only phone I have. Since I’m single, I just don’t see the point in paying two phone bills each month. I think if you have a land line you probably won’t get any calls on your cell.Kristie ~ Library book sale starts in 2 hours! Today is going to be a better day.


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