16 thoughts on “AAR Cover Contest

  1. Rosie ~ I messed up on the “worst” cover and voted for the best of the worst instead of the worst of the worst. Ah well ~ they were all pretty bad.Mailyn ~ Me too. I voted as soon as I saw the link. I can’t help myself.


  2. Jennie ~ Welcome back! The contest was fun.Jen ~ The sad thing was as I was doing the contest, I was checking out some of the books to add to my wishlist. I am a sick, sick woman.


  3. I voted. And I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the covers/titles, so it gave me some reading ideas.Have you looked at the past worst cover winners? Hilarious. I don’t know if there was anything quite that bad this year.


  4. Devon ~ I haven’t looked at the past winners yet, but that sounds like just the type of thing that could get me lost for a little while. My luck, I’d find more things to read.


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