The Inheritance

Free Image Hosting at I seem to be suffering from a reading snag today. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything I pick up. So instead, I cleaned my fridge, went grocery shopping, and settled down to watch The Inheritance. To say I love this movie is an understatement. This movie just makes me happy.

This is the summary that I found at Years before writing Little Women, Louisa May Alcott penned this “lost novel” chronicling the life of orphan Edith Adelon (Cari Shayne), a girl who’s taken in by a wealthy man (Tom Conti) and his wife (Meredith Baxter) to become their daughter’s companion. Despite her low status in England’s rigid class system, Edith’s winsome qualities tend to shine through — and she soon catches the eye of a handsome, wealthy suitor (Thomas Gibson).

This movie is just a great “feel good” type film. I love the character of Edith and the whole Hamilton family is charming. Not to mention, James Percy is just wonderful to watch. This is a great movie that always seems to snap me out of whatever kind of “blah” mood I’m in.

The movie is loosely based on the book of the same name written by Louisa May Alcott, but the film and the movie share very few similarities. I actually bought the book because of the movie, and was surprised at the number of differences between the two. That being said, I like to think of them as two separate works of fiction, because they are so different.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I’d recommend it. It was made for TV in 1997, but is available in DVD.

7 thoughts on “The Inheritance

  1. I HATE reading slumps. I just blogged about mine as well. It’s not like I don’t have good books to read so why can’t I just start on them?! LOL. I wish your reading slump goes away soon! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m in a slump, too. I can’t settle on anything. I read a couple of books this weekend, but I just can’t pick up another one. Blech.I added this one to my Netflix Queue. πŸ˜€


  3. Mailyn ~ As luck would have it, I started reading a book this morning ~ right before I had to go to work. Got 2 chapters in before I was running late πŸ™‚Holly ~ I hope you like the movie. It’s one of my favorites. I found out by accident that there are 2 versions ~ the real version and the “Focus on the Family” version. The “Family” version has a few scenes cut out of it, but is still enjoyable.


  4. Practical Magic the book and PM the movie are different too. I prefer the movie. I think because I watched it soooo many times before I even read the book.I’m still in a slump. It’s taking me about a week to finish a novel. I hate it.


  5. I don’t have this Alcott book and I’m a fan. Huh…you learn something new everyday.Ames, I read Practical Magic first and liked it better…which isn’t to say I didn’t like the movie, but there was just more meat to the book.


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