Why I Am The Way I Am (Subtitle: Possible TMI)

So, I have a friend who started as a consultant for Pleasure Parties. Her first party is Saturday and I am going along with a good friend ~ you know, for moral support. I talk to my mom today and here’s how our conversation goes:

Me: I’m going to a party on Saturday.

Mom: Will there be wine? (I’ve been known to call Mom after I’ve had one too many glasses)

Me: It’s not that kind of party, Mom. It’s a Pleasure Party.

Mom: Lingerie? Lotions? Erotic sex toys?

Me: Yah, the sex toys one.

Mom: Why didn’t you invite me?

Me: Wanna come?

Mom: Gotta work. Get me a catalog.

Me: Why do you need a catalog? J (her boyfriend) is rechargable.

Mom: To hell with J. Get me a catalog. I can charge my own damn batteries.

Ok ~ so now what do I say when people tell me I’m just like my mother?

21 thoughts on “Why I Am The Way I Am (Subtitle: Possible TMI)

  1. Jen ~ I think my mom’s pretty incredible. I had to sit her down and have “the talk” with her when she started dating after my dad died. Understand ~ this is the woman who couldn’t have “the talk” with me. I got a book that explained every detail.Stacy ~ It’s amazing the things I can talk to my mom about now. She’s a pretty fun lady.Isabel ~ My room was directly beneath my parents’ room when I was growin up. And they left the vents open. Need I say more?


  2. My mom would prolly be interested in a catalog, too, but we have an unspoken (well, sometimes spoken, too) agreement not to discuss certain things. LOL This would be one. I.Don’t.Want.To.Know. *shudder*Too funny!


  3. Lori ~ I think so. Seems I learn more about her all the time. This conversation, for example.Holly ~ During this entire conversation I kept saying to myself “This is my <>Mother<>“.


  4. You definitely have a cool relationship with your mom. There’s no way in hell I would even bring something like that up to my mom! Course, she has yelled out when I have kissed Bob ‘I’m in the room!!’. Uh, I just kissed him. No frenching. Just a kiss. Sheesh ๐Ÿ˜‰Cindy


  5. Cindy ~ She’s a fun lady. As I’ve grown older I’ve gotten to be more like her. Case in point ~ her laugh used to embarass me. Literally. I’d hide when we were out and she’d. Now, I have her laugh. And it’s kiddo’s turn to just shake her head. Especially when Mom and I are out together.


  6. Teena ~ Yah, I think I’ll keep her. I really am going to get her a catalog. I’m sure she was teasing, but I’m going to get it for her. What’d be funny is if I could get it mailed to her. She still lives in the (too) small town I grew up in. I’d love to see the look on the mail lady’s face when the catalog came through. Hmm…something to think about.


  7. Kookie ~ Me too ๐Ÿ™‚Dylan ~ The party was okay. A lot of the stuff there was more for couples…and I’m not one. So, other than my friends thinking they’d get me a little tipsy….I didn’t order anything, but I did ask them to send my mom a catalog. hehe


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