Library Finds

Last night I went to the library to pick up I’m In No Mood For Love by Rachel Gibson and of course, just had to visit the Friends of the Library rack. I bought The Barefoot Princess by Christina Dodd, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, and Circle of Three by Patricia Gaffney ~ a quarter each! Only one more week until the Friends of the Library sale ~ like I need more books to add to my piles.

Don’t forget:
Kristie has a poll up on her blog to vote for your favorite Kleypas hero. Sebastian is in the lead with 26 votes, Derek is in second with 23 votes, Other is 3rd with 12 votes, Nick is 4th with 8 votes, and Jack is 5th with 5 votes. Go vote for your favorite hero!

14 thoughts on “Library Finds

  1. Can I not appeal to anybody’s baser senses??? Jack!! RASPBERRIES!! Clever usage of fruit one would never see on the Food Channel!!(I’m starting to see that I may be a tad bit obsessed with this one scene. Wonder what kind of therapy I might need…)Jen


  2. OH MY GOD!!! Summer Sisters is one of my favouritest books ever and makes me cry everytime I read it. And I have the Christina Dodd in my tbr. Happy reading!! I love library book sales, they appeal to my inner penny pincher. LOL


  3. Jen ~ I’m thinking you may need to start growing your own raspberry bushes *g*Ames ~ I’ve been wanting to read Summer Sisters for awhile now ~ who can resist to pay a quarter for a book?! My problem is I live in a tiny place ~ I may need to remove furniture to make room for my piles.


  4. Jen ~ Hope it works out for you πŸ™‚Holly ~ I’ll settle for Good ~ I’ve been wanting to read the Lost Princesses series, but haven’t gotten around to it. I think I tried to read the first one in the series but for some reason never finished it. I figured for a quarter, I wasn’t risking anything. What I can’t understand is that this book was for sale on the shelf, but the library doesn’t even have it! Why don’t they keep the books they don’t have so others can enjoy them?


  5. LOL Jen, too funny…I seriously need to get my hands on Jack’s book so I can finally see what youre talking about..what book is his again?I can’t wait to read IINMFL by RG, and I so remember Judy Blume, she was a favorite of mine back in elementary…;)


  6. Dylan ~ It’s called Suddenly You. I’m on page 120 of IINMFL right now ~ the times when Sebastian and Clare are actually together are great, unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of that so far. Summer Sisters is one of those friendship novels ~ 2 girls growing up, first love, sex, romance, etc., etc.


  7. Mailyn ~ Our library usually has a pretty good variety. I do feel fortunate that they’re always getting new things in and when grant money comes in they take requests πŸ™‚


  8. Oh I love Summer Sisters too! Judy Blume is so awesome. I read Circle of Three too and thought it was pretty good, but a little sad. It’s another womens’ friendship book. I don’t think there was any romance in it? It’s been a while, so I can’t really remember.


  9. I am so totally jealous! Not only do you have a great library, but your Friends of the Library store is good too. *sigh* I think that all the books I donate to mine are weeded through for “appropriate” content and the rest are thrown away. I have never seen anything there that even remotely interests me.And I don’t think I’ve read a Judy Blume since Forever, either (unless you count all the Fudge books I’ve read with my boys LOL)


  10. Lori ~ I’m counting down the days til the library sale. It starts next Friday, but of course I have to work that day. So, I’m planning on getting there first thing at 10am when it starts. I’m hoping to get some good finds.


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