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Recommended by: The 3rd in the Donovan Legacy.

From the Back Cover: She was all sunshine, light and serene enchantment — But Boone Sawyer had no idea, when he and his daughter moved next door to the exquisite Anastasia Donovan, that she was so much more than she appeared. Ana and Boone were drawn to each other with a fierce passion neither had ever known before. But Ana had secrets. . .secrets she was certain no man could accept. When a life — threatening disaster forced her to reveal herself, she had to face the fact that it could cost her the heart of the man she loved. . . .

My Thoughts: This is my favorite of the Donovan Legacy so far. I loved Ana and Boone’s story. Boone is a widower with a 6-year-old daughter, Jessie. Jessie is precious and makes friends with everyone. One day she plants herself in Ana’s backyard to visit, and Ana’s life is never the same. This is how the reader is first introduced to Boone. Boone is a worried father and Jessie didn’t tell him where she was going. So he was a little out of sorts and has landed himself in the backyard of a woman he’s instantly attracted to. And he doesn’t like it.

Ana and Jessie quickly become good friends ~ Ana and Boone take a bit longer, but they warm up to each other pretty fast. But Ana’s afraid to tell Boone about her gifts because she’d made the mistake of telling someone she loved and who she assumed loved her back, and she was hurt pretty badly. So, she keeps her secret and then the inevitable happens ~ Jessie is hurt in an accident and it is up to Ana to save her.

The cousins and their families are in this story quite a bit, as well as the family in Ireland. Not to mention Boone is in the same line of work as Ana’s aunt, Bryna. He’s also good friends with Nash, Morgana’s husband. They went to school together.

I’d rate this Very Good. I enjoyed it and read it from cover to cover. There is a 4th installment to the Donovan Legacy, Enchanted, which I’ve requested and hopefully get a chance to read soon.

6 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. Holly ~ I loved it. Ana was a sweet heroine and watching poor Boone try not to be attracted to her was fun. Then there’s Jessie ~ just a cute kid…oh, and she has a puppy named Daisy. It was just a feel good story.


  2. This was my favorite of the series ~ I have Enchanted on request now at the library, but I probably won’t get it until November. Dang ~ I think I forgot to add that to my TBR pile to. Make that 50 books in my TBR pile now.


  3. Which one is Enchanted? I can’t remember, since the book I read was The Donovan Legacy and that had, Morganna, this one and Sebastian’s story…so I didn’t even bother to look at their story titles.50 books, girl that aint nothing…but do you have TBR Anxiety like Ames? 😉


  4. I always have TBR anxiety ~ So many books, so little time.Enchanted is Liam Donovan’s story ~ I’m not sure how he’s related to the cousins because I thought they were it. This is the description from Amazon:<>New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts delivers pure magic with the publication of Enchanted, part of the Donovan Legacy series. Lovely schoolteacher Rowan Murray has always done what others thought was best for her, until she decides to take a vacation at a friend’s remote Oregon cabin. There she finds herself drawn to her neighbor, brooding Irish loner Liam Donovan, and to a golden-eyed black wolf who appears at her door. Rowan suspects there is more to Liam than meets the eye when he begins haunting her suddenly very steamy dreams. Together, Liam and the wolf–and the quiet majesty of the Oregon coast–influence Rowan to make her life her own and her hopes reality. <>


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