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Recommended by: The 2nd story in the Donovan Legacy.

From the Back Cover: He was certainly a fraud, and she wasn’t about to let him exploit her friend’s vulnerability. But fiercely protective Mary Ellen Sutherland was desperate to find a missing baby and had run out of leads. So, reluctantly, the dubious private investigator agreed to enlist Sebastian Donovan’s help. Soon she had to admit — grudgingly — that this beguiling mystery man had some pretty remarkable gifts, including his extraordinary ability to penetrate her tough façade and awaken her heart.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this story. I guess there just must be something about a hero named Sebastian. I enjoyed his strength and his compassion. The heroine, Mel, is strong and independent. She’s a Private Detective and he’s a Psychic. It was a great story watching Mel learn to trust Sebastian and his gifts. The story also included glimpses of Morgana and Nash from Captivated and also Ana, who I enjoyed learning more about

The only thing I didn’t really like was the love scenes. They felt rushed ~ brief and to the point.

Overall, I’d say it’s Good. I look forward to reading Charmed, which is Ana’s story and the third in the Donovan Legacy.

2 thoughts on “Entranced

  1. This was my least favorite of the three stories, but I did really like Sebastian, I just wanted more from the story and Mary Ellen if I remember correctly got on my hot damn nerves a bit in the story, but I can’t be sure…


  2. Mary Ellen (Mel) is hell-bent on proving she can do everything alone. For me, I liked this just a tich better than Morgana’s story ~ but Ana’s story was my favorite. I’m not even sure I can blame the writing ~ I’d just been reading so many books lately that were 300-500 pages, so there was way more character/story development. To go from those to a story that was 197 was probably a shock. Although ~ in Nash and Morgana’s story I loved the scene when they first made love in the circle.


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