Cozy Comforts

I’m restless tonight. I read a little, then lost my concentration. Lately, I’ve been revisiting my comforts ~ movies that just make me feel good. Sometimes through laughter, sometimes tears. These are the movies I just love the snuggle up to. I grab a hot cup of tea, wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket and just lose myself for a few hours. What a wonderful retreat from everything that is going on in the world. To just fall in love a little bit with the characters ~ over and over again if I want to. It’s a luxury, really. Below are my Cozy Comforts. What are some of yours?

While You Were Sleeping: This one is my favorite. I can watch it over and over again. I crushed on Bill Pullman pretty bad after watching this one. Damn, I wish I was Lucy.

Anne of Green Gables: Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. I get lost in it immediately ~ and the first time Gilbert calls Anne “Carrots” ~ Big Sigh.

Anne of Avonlea: So, the way I am with series books ~ I’m the same way with movies. Can’t watch the first one without seeing this one. I love Anne Shirley. I love Gilbert Blythe. Yes, I know they’re fictitious characters, but I will get to Prince Edward Island one day.

Mystic Pizza: I was a nanny in California when this movie came out. I went to the theater almost everyday to watch it. 20 years later, I still love it. It’s about friendship and first love. And the Mystic Pizza is a real place in Mystic, CT. I will get there one day, too. (PS – William Moses (or did he still go by Billy then?) was just yummy in this.)

Practical Magic: I admit it. The ending makes me cry. I love this movie. Aidan Quinn is just nice to look at it.

Bridget Jones Diary: Does anyone not like this movie? Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. I love Bridget. Hell, I could be Bridget ~ only maybe not as cute. And I try not to embarass myself as much…but you get a few margaritas in me and I start divulging all sorts of personal information.

For Love of the Game: This is a love story ~ pure and simple. This is another one I watch when I need a good cry.

Strictly Ballroom: Paul Mercurio. Yummy. This is such a cute movie and it’s so fun to watch Fran transform throughout the film.

The Inheritance: Based on the story by Louisa May Alcott. This movie just makes me happy. And, Thomas Gibson. Maybe it’s his eyes, but I can just look at him all day.

Sleepless in Seattle: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I love them together.

Jerry Maguire: I dont really do Tom Cruise anymore. I don’t watch action films and that’s all he makes when he’s not jumping up and down on couches. But I still love this film.

Return to Me: Bonnie Hunt wrote the screenplay and she creates a world that you never want to leave. This movie is just it for me. I love it. This was Carroll O’Conner’s last film.

It Could Happen to You: The cop and the waitress. The cop doesn’t have money for a tip but promises the waitress he’ll split it with her if he wins. Guess what? He wins. This is actually based on a true story. Great film.

The Cutting Edge: Doug Dorsey and Kate Mosely. He’s an injured hockey player who wants to skate; she’s a pampered ice princess in need of a partner. Huge sparks. DB Sweeney sure has pretty blue eyes.

Pride & Prejudice: Colin Firth, Colin Firth, oh ~ and Colin Firth. The best version of this book ever. I can watch this over and over again.

16 thoughts on “Cozy Comforts

  1. I can’t see the first movie!! What’s the first movie!? I love Bill Pullman 😉I love both Bridgette movies. My comforts are more sci-fi – The Matrix, Serenity, Die Hard (okay, not sci-fi but action). I think I only have a few romances but When Harry Met Sally is one and of course the Bridgette movies. I’ll have to go and look now!Cindy


  2. Isabel ~ I’ve seen Where the Heart Is a few times too. It’s cute!Cindy ~ I’m not sure why the darn picture isn’t loading right now. I checked it and re-checked it I think about 4 times before I went to bed last night. It’s “While You Were Sleeping”.Kristie ~ Can you believe I’ve never seen Field of Dreams all the way through? I catch it on TV just about everytime it’s on, but not right when it starts. I always miss at least the first 30 minutes. 2 more movies I thought of and I can’t believe I listed are: Return to Me and It Could Happen to You. I probably like them better than Jerry Maguire.


  3. Love a bunch of those movies too. LOL Practical Magic-is it possible to wear out a DVD because I watch that one soooo much.Love that bit in While You were Sleeping when Bill was “leaning” over Sandra. LOL Hope Floats, when the daughter is screaming at her dad? I tear up everytime.


  4. HOPE FLOATS, BRIGET JONES, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, PRIDE & PREJUDICE…holy crap it would be easier to just copy your list. I’ve probably watched HOPE FLOATS, and PRIDE & PREJUDICE the most. I get in an Anne Shirley mood every now and again and watch those. I have the whole series and Anne of Avonlea too.


  5. Ames ~ There’s just too many scenes in Hope Floats that make me cry. I’m pretty much in waterworks from beginning to end on that one. The “leaning” part in While You Were Sleeping was good, but I liked the part when they’re walking through Chicago late at night and laughing. She always wanted someone she could laugh with 🙂Rosie ~ I also have The Continuing Story, but I don’t like it. You can tell Lucy Maud Montgomery didn’t write it. It has a completely different feel to it and I try to pretend it was never made.


  6. Anonymous

    Surprisingly I haven’t seen many of these and i’m a huge movie buff!Hope float depressed me, didn’t like it. Didn’t like Jerry macguire either. Tom cruise BOOOO!The Anne’s were terrific … how bout when Matthew dies? OMG, WAAAAA!But, Bridget Jones? Loved them both!!! I totally AM her too!While You Were Sleeping & Sleepless in Seattle, well of course loved those! Pride & Prejudice? Do you even have to ask? ::le swoon::


  7. Zeek ~ I loved Matthew ~ and then the funeral when Anne’s trying to be so stoic. Glad to know I’ve met another Bridget 🙂 I admit Tom adds a certain ick factor to the movie now, but I still love it. I enjoy Bonnie Hunt and Renee Zillweger ~ oh, and Cuba Gooding, Jr?! I added a few more movies since my last post ~ can’t believe I forgot them in the first place.


  8. Ooh that’s a good list there…I like a handful of them, some of them I haven’t seen yet though, so I know I’ll have to check them out…but AMEN on Jerry Maguire, While You Were Sleeping, Bridget Jones, Sleepless in Seattle, The Cutting Edge was a really good one, LOVE that movie!Great, great list, D. =)


  9. This is a really good list! Only a couple I haven’t seen–The Inheritance sounds really good, might have to check that out.Other favorites of mine: French Kiss, with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. It’s so funny and sweet too. 🙂 And Persuasion, which is my favorite Austen book anyway but made a damn fine movie too.


  10. Anonymous

    Love French Kiss (the bf and I are constantly quoting that one! “zip, boom, bonjour, and I’m back in beezness”)!Persuasion was an excellent one too! That one will be a new movie soon too, guarnteed! (although I think they’re currently working on Northanger Abbey)


  11. Zeek ~ How about the train? “Lactose Intolerance!”I just need to read Persuasion ~ I haven’t yet, I admit it. Although the premise of the story is just up my alley. Lost love, being re-acquainted after several years. Yup, that’s such a “me” kind of story.


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