Table For Five

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Recommended by: Got it from the library.

From the Back Cover: Sometimes it takes a leap of faith in order to soar…

A gifted teacher, Lily Robinson adores her students, but fiercely guards her independent lifestyle. Deep inside, she is afraid of loving too deeply for fear of getting hurt. Only her best friend, Crystal, has ever been able to get close. Now an unthinkable tragedy has drawn Lily into the shattered lives of Crystal’s family — a family that suddenly needs her.

Sean McGuire is a rolling stone used to living in the shadow of his famous brother, Derek. He’s made his own way in life, playing by his own rules. Then one April night everything changes when a fatal car crash orphans Derek and Crystal’s three children. In an instant, Sean finds himself in the role of guardian.

Sean and Lily are brought together by tragedy, joined in their grief and their mutual love for these children. But raising three kids is a monumental job, and Sean realizes he’s in over his head. And though Lily has been the unofficial aunt to these children since they were born, planting emotional roots means taking risks — and Lily’s not sure she can.

The ups and downs of love and family life can be a roller-coaster ride — thrilling, unpredictable and downright terrifying, yet filled with incredible delight. and Sean and Lily are about to discover the possibilities that make everything seem worthwhile — a future filled with hope, happiness and the certainty that trusting love is the best choice of all.

My Thoughts: Wow. This book zigs and zags every possible emotion I could possibly have. I was crying one minute, mad the next, laughing the next, etc., etc. Plain and simple, this is a love story. The love between a husband and wife, love between parents and children, love between siblings, love between friends, falling in love, falling out of love ….it’s all there.

I’d say this one is Very Good ~ maybe just shy of Excellent.

(That’s three ~ I’m scared. Do I dare try for four good books in a row?)

13 thoughts on “Table For Five

  1. Dev, don’t jinx yourself!! You are in magic reader land. It’s like a winning streak at Vegas. Just go with it and enjoy. I’ve read several of Ms. Wiggs books but not this one. Dare I add another book to my TBR?


  2. Isabel ~ I enjoyed it. I had some misgivings before I read it because I’d read <>Summer at Willow Lake<> and wasn’t overly impressed. This book, however, I loved. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night just to finish it.Rosie ~ I did start a 4th and I’m loving it too. Now, I don’t want to go to work ~ I just want to stay home and finish it. Gawd, I’m such a junkie


  3. Oh be daring Devonna, shoot for another good one! 😉 hehe.I have this book on my TBR list, I look forward to reading this one, before I’m 30. LOL.Happy Reading sweets, what are you goign to read next anyway?


  4. Dylan ~ I started <>Too Tempting to Touch<> by Cheryl Holt this morning. I should never, never start a new book before I have to go to work. I read the first chapter and now I just want to finish it.


  5. Several times over the last few months I’ve had this book in hand at Borders and I always put it back. Now I’m sorry for it. LOLI’ve heard mixed things about CH, Devonna, so let me know if it turns out as good as it started.😉


  6. OMG – I just blogged about being scared! – I’ve read 3 keepers and one B in a row. I’m feeling the pressure. For some reason, Blogger won’t publish so I’m just staying up a touch longer.CindyS


  7. LOL, I hate when that happens! It can be such a pain because when you’re at work, the only thing that constantly pops into your head is what’s going to happen next in the book…hehe.


  8. Dylan ~ It makes for long days at work, that’s for sure.Zeek ~ I like Susan Wiggs. Her historical are good. Table for Five was the second contemporary I’ve read of hers. The first one I wasn’t thrilled with, but I really liked this one.


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