Life Happens……(vent)

I had every intention of finishing the book last night. Went to my sister’s for dinner, got home about 9:30pm, checked the mail, and there was a letter from my landlord letting me know that my duplex was for sale (like the big “for sale” sign that’s been in the front yard for two weeks wasn’t an indicator) and that they are planning on showing the duplex on Thursday.

So, Mom’s in town. Instead of getting to spend some time with her tonight, I need to go home and make sure everthing is “reasonably clean” for the prospective buyers. I’m a little irritated. My house is fairly clean, but I’ve been in and out so much this week that it just needs a good scrub and vacuum. On the other hand, maybe I’ll have her come keep me company.

Not to mention I had my follow-up eye appointment today ~ I’m nervous about that and depending on what the doctor says, I may not want to do a damn thing tonight except for sulk. Sometimes it just feels good to feel pissy, even for just a little while.

On the plus side, a friend of a friend is getting married and her place is available at the end of the month. Two stories, two bedrooms, only $25 more/month than what I’m paying now. Downside is no garage, but my garage now is teeny tiny. But it protects from the elements (snow). On the plus side, it’s more room and I’d also have a storage shed. But then I’d have to move ~ but then again, I enjoy putting my place together after I move. Ack ~ decisions, decisions.

Sometimes I wish I could just buy a place, but it’s not remotely possible right now. Our real estate is sky high and it’s probably going to stay that way. More and more people are moving in and as long as there are buyers, the market’s going to stay where it’s at.

I just need to breath. It’s going to be ok. In the meantime, it just sucks a little bit.

5 thoughts on “Life Happens……(vent)

  1. UGH! That deep cleaning for company sucks, doesn’t it? The place I was living in before was sold, too, and we had appraisers and prospective buyers and termite dudes and all manner of strange people traipsing in and out all the time. It was frustrating in the extreme. Poor baby. I say move, but then I can say that, because I’m all settled in now. LOLBIG HUGS!


  2. Aw, I hope all turns out well. I think moving is good. I mean you’ll have more room! The unpacking is only one time. Then you’ll get to bask in the glory that’s your new place.Re Lord of Scoundrels I say get the follow up The Last Hellion. Sebastian and Jessica are there since the book is about the guy that mistook Jessica for a prostitute on her wedding night with Sebastian.


  3. Serve the landlord right if you didn’t clean 😉That just all sucks but then I hate cleaning for people I know! Is there any hope that the new buyers would want tenants or are you pretty sure they would raise the rent.Oh and I just read Obsession post before closing this window and LOS rocked but the next best one is Mr. Impossible. Chase is hit or miss with me. I hope you have better luck with her!CindyS


  4. Well, I cleaned last night ~ the deep kind of cleaning when you know company’s coming. Between the bleach, the ammonia and pine sol and I think I inhaled a few too many fumes ~ I’m coughing up a lung. But, the house is clean. I just hope they show the place while I’m a work…I don’t want to have to deal with people when I get home.


  5. I forgot to mention that I had good news at my eye doctor’s visit. My retina hasn’t changed since May, which is exactly what we were hoping for. My doctor doesn’t think there’s any reason for us to believe now that it will change, so the chances that I’ll go blind are almost none. I’ve also graduated to yearly retina scans instead of quarterly so that was a huge relief.Finished LoS this morning, so will post my review tonight. I so did not want that book to end. I love Dain and Jess <*big sigh*>.


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