20 Things That Irritate Me (today)

I got tagged by Holly.

1)Women Like This. I’m linking through Karen’s blog because I don’t want embarrass this poor woman by sending folks over to witness how ignorant some people can be.

2)Coworkers who refuse to retire. Not that I have anything against working with “mature” people ~ I don’t. I just happen to work with someone who doesn’t know anything, doesn’t want to know anything, and thinks she’s entitled to a job because she’s been with the company for 15 years. Bosses are afraid to fire her due to age discrimination ~ so that leaves the rest of us to carry the slack. She does, however, know how to play on the internet. And pay her bills. And make personal phone calls. But don’t you dare give her stuff to file without putting it in order first ~ she’ll give it back to you and make you organize it. Seriously. And she gets away with it.

3) Grammar. Your and you’re. There, their and they’re. Whose and who’s. I’m a frustrated English teacher, or so my boss tells me.

4) Bad drivers. Period. Whether it’s not using the blinker, not going the speed limit, cutting me off in traffic, and so on and so on.

5) Nepotism. It just doesn’t feel good.

6) Well-meaning, but annoying matchmakers. Friends, friends of friends, coworkers of friends, sons of friends, husbands of friends, bosses, nieces, sisters, future brother-in-law, and sister of said future brother in law. Enough said.

7) Landlords who put your duplex up for sale without telling you. That’s fun. I’m trying not to think of the worst case scenarios: a) someone buys it and ups the rent; or b) someone buys it to level it so they can build their dream house on the property.

8) My job. But I’ve got almost 6 years there, so my benefits are good. Every time I think of quitting, I keep thinking of my benefits. I’d hate to start over. But I work with someone who should have retired 15 years ago; and then I work with the daughter of the boss. Some days I still like my job ~ most days, I just don’t want to be there.

9) Diana Palmer books. I had to quit reading them. If I saw one more father-figure hero calling his heroine “little one” after explaining what “la petite morte” was, I was going to scream. It’s much better just to not read them.

10) Liars. What’s the point? The truth’s going to come out eventually.

11) Stupid people. I’m not talking book smart ~ I don’t care about that. But whatever happened to common sense? Good Lord, we’re a nation full of stupid people.

12) Common decency. Whatever happened to being kind to someone, just to be kind? People rarely smile at each other anymore. And forget doing something just to help someone and not to make you look better, and not so that it could get you some recognition. What happened to looking someone in the eye, smiling and saying “hello”? Did you ever see Pay it Forward? Well, pay it forward. I dare you.

13) Fakey people. You know the ones ~ big smile, high pitched sweet voice, and then a huge dagger they use to stab you right in the back. Ouch.

14) High-strung, self-important coworkers who can’t seem to ever get to the point. I swear. Some people just talk to hear themselves talk, I think. Good Lord. Say what you came here to say and get it over with. Now take your nose out the air, take a deep breath, and leave. Really.

15) Commercials for Fall TV shows that won’t be on for another month! I’m too old to be wishing my life away for a TV show. Is it September 21 yet?

16) Cultural Incompetency. Truly. People who don’t understand that culture and skin color are not the same thing. Do not define me by my skin color ~ being “white” is not my heritage. Get it right.

17) Looking for a second job ~ just so I can have a little extra $$$. Truly. I hate student loans. And doctors. And dentists. They’re taking all of my money.

18) Gas prices. My town has 3 refineries ~ Exxon, Conoco, and Cenex. We’re surrounded by oil drilling states. And yet, I’m still paying $3.11/gallon for gas.

19) Telemarketers. Thanks to the do not call registry this isn’t much of a problem anymore.

20) Spam. Need I say more?

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7 thoughts on “20 Things That Irritate Me (today)

  1. Tagged twice! I knew you people loved me. LOL.<>Good Lord, we’re a nation full of stupid people.<>Mehehehe.PS. Maybe it’s me but that woman is ugly. No. Not cute. Not average pretty. Ugly. Nopes not bitter. I’ve seen people walking around town that actually have a GOOD looking face. That’s not it. I know I live in Miami and we have tons of models but, believe me, that woman? No way. I was expecting at the very least a cute face!


  2. I don’t think that woman is pretty either. I mean, it’s one thing if you’re hot as hell to post something like that, but dude, she’s not even cute! YIKES! LOLGreat answers, babe. I’m soo with you. 😉


  3. That woman – ugh. I think if maybe I didn’t have her picture in my mind as I read her crazy thoughts she would have been pretty. You know how someone who isn’t classically beautiful or even all that pretty can become beautiful once you get to know them? Anyways, superficial I guess. Don’t know how happy you can be with that attitude.15,15!!! Seriously, don’t be throwing up previews for shit I won’t get to see for another 3 to 6 months. Not. Interested.Telemarketers, gah. I wonder if Canada has a do not call registry? I should check that out because I feel like I’m slicing my karma every time I tell a telemarketer that ‘no, they are not home right now’.Common freakin’ sense. I know we all pull some bone head moves but there are days when you realize that those scary ass people you see on COPS aren’t actors!!I’ll be playing catch up on my blogging this weekend – *fingers crossed*CindyS


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