Just Finished

Just Finished:

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The Bookseller’s Daughter. I read this book because of Tara Marie’s review.

He is the second son of a Duc; she is a bookseller’s daughter working as a scullery maid for his family. They met by accident months ago at her father’s book shop. They formed a tentative friendship the one night he spent at her father’s house. The next morning, he was gone, and she never thought she’d see him again.

Now, circumstances have them living under the same roof. To protect her from his father’s and brother’s unwanted advances, they pretend she’s his mistress ~ and they spend countless hours talking about literature and renewing the friendship that tentatively started months prior. But their relationship changes, and the two friends fall in love and turn into passionate lovers ~ spending each night together as if it were to be their last.

I really liked this book. I liked the relationship between Joseph and Marie-Laure. I liked how they have intelligent conversations and passionate debates. I enjoy the fact that they’re friends and they can talk to each other about seemingly anything. And I like the fact that they build on the friendship before they act on it.

What I didn’t like was the use of the word vulva ~ I have no recommendations as to what other wording to use, but every time I saw this word, whatever I was supposed to be feeling at the time ~ anticipation, longing, anxiety, etc., etc….it felt like it all got dashed with a glass of cold water. How did I go from reading a steamy scene in a book to being transported to my ob/gyn’s office? And one other small irksome….since when do freckles taste like cinnamon?

Overall, I’d say this is a very good book. I don’t want to say too much for fear I’d give anything away, but it’s well worth the time to read.

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It’s too late to decide tonight ~ I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Just Finished

  1. Hadashi ~ Welcome to my blog.Karen, Marg & Valeen ~ I really enjoyed this book (not that you could tell from my entry). It didn’t stay on my TBR pile for long. I went out and got it from the library soon after reading Tara Marie’s entry on her blog.


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