Scandal in Spring

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Scandal in Spring is the fourth and final book in the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas. First off ~ I like Daisy. She’s always got her nose book; just like someone else I know . And let me just say, within the prologue of the book I formed an immediate disdain for her father. Sure, in It Happened One Autum, he was a pushy, bullheaded, arrogant tyrant. But, you never, NEVER, tell you daughter that she is a parasite. Although he became more tolerable at the end of the story ~ I still can’t get past that.

Daisy is crafty ~ much craftier than I thought she would have been. For those who have read the book, I’m referring to incident with the key. I laughed so much through that part. I truly like Matthew ~ liked him since the beginning of the book, and their love story was so sweet. I read the book pretty much cover to cover and stayed up way past my bedtime. I just couldn’t put the thing down. As far as the big “secret”, I pretty much had figured out the gist of it long before it was revealed.

Lily was quite a bit high-strung, but I forgave her for that. She’s honestly looking out for Daisy’s best interests. She truly does love her sister and just wants to keep her sister close. I also enjoyed the fact that the 4 wallflowers spent quite a lot of time together.

I would say that for me, this book was somewhere between good and very good. Devil in Winter is my favorite of the series, but I’d say Scandal in Spring is now my second favorite.

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One thought on “Scandal in Spring

  1. Lillian got on my nerves, but with KateD.’s help from Damned Scribbling Women, I understand her motives a little better.I wasn’t really able to connect with Matthew, either. I liked him, but I just didn’t feel connected to him as I did so many of her other heroes. Still, it was a good read.Great review. 😉


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