Side Rant

Small side rant, and then I’ll continue reading. Why, oh why, do friends and family assume that just because you’re alone, you’re lonely? I’ve got friends, family, sons of friends, husbands of friends, coworkers of friends, future sister-in-laws of family, co-workers, and yes, even my boss thinking that they need to match me up with somebody.

Ok, please stop. Right now, in my life, I just want to read a good book. I don’t want to meet my sister’s fiance’s best friend….I don’t want to go out with a good friend of my good friend’s (PS ~ been there, done that; don’t want to go down that road again), I’m not interested in the company phone guy, I don’t want to go out with your teacher, no I really don’t want to go out with this coworker or that coworker or your coworker’s brother. No, really. I don’t. I’m not just saying that. I don’t want a relationship right now. I really don’t want to. Stop it. Please. Now.

No, I don’t want to sign up for eharmony,, perfectmatch, match, or whatever other internet dating site you’re trying to get me to join.

I did try internet dating once. We’d been emailing almost daily and had gotten to the point where we’d exchanged numbers. He was going to call me and we were going to set a time to meet for drinks. He never called. And I soon found out why. He was arrested for stalking a woman he’d met through the internet. And then was arrested for stalking his ex-wife. And then arrested again for putting a hit out on said ex-wife. That cured me. I deleted my profile and haven’t tried internet dating since.

The next two conversations happened within minutes of each other….and that was just last night. That doesn’t count all of the other hunreds of conversations I’ve had lately with all of these well-meaning people in my life. I love you all. Now stop.

Last night, my sister called. Conversation went like this:

S: We decided to go out.

M: I’m cleaning house.

S: Well, the guy that we want you to meet is going to be there.

M: No, really. I’m cleaning house. I don’t want to go.

S: Oh….I guess since we told you that guy is going to be there you won’t go now, anyway.

M: You’re right. I’d much rather read my book.


I no sooner hang up with my sister than my friend (who I was helping clean) says:

F: Oh, by the way, we’re going to a barbecue. There’ll be lots of single, intelligent men there.

M: No, not interested.

F: You’re going. I already told them you’d go.

M: No really. I really don’t want to go. I just really don’t feel like meeting anyone right now.

F: Well, you’ll never meet anybody if you don’t leave the house. You’re going. End of discussion. I’m picking you up at 6.

M: What’s the dress code?

So, evidently ~ I’m going. Dammit.

14 thoughts on “Side Rant

  1. Sad to read your horrible stories about dating online but that’s a relief because you weren’t involved with that psycho-killer. Anyway, I would suggest you to go to webdate_dot_com and see how those interesting guy’s looks and probably date with them. Don’t worry because you can also view their complete profiles that the site’s standard, to comply all the necessary informations required. Feel free and search the right nice guy for you and this time at the right place.


  2. Merlin ~ Hello to the other side of the ocean. It’s always nice to have new visitors!Romancelover ~ So good to see you! Seems you and I always find something else in common. I really liked your reviews on your site, btw.jarcened ~ Another new visitor ~ welcome. I don’t do the online websites anymore ~ Besides, it always seems the same people are on them anyway. It’s good that you like them though.


  3. Hmmmm, well ~ it went ok I guess. We were in and out of there really quick. The barbecue started at 6 ~ we didn’t get there until 8 because my friend ended up working later than she thought. We ate quickly and left be 9 so I didn’t really meet anybody.


  4. Girl, I am so with you. It got to the point where my mother was offering to BUY ME SEX. WTF? I understand completely about being single and enjoying it. What the hell is wrong with NOT WANTING TO DATE? I just don’t get it.Having said that, want me to hook you up with a guy I know? haha J/K


  5. LOL!!!! muahaha I have to thank the lord this doesn’t happen to me. but there IS a reason why. I have a reputation for being a bitch, even with family or friends who keep bugging the crap out of me. lmao.keep us posted!!!


  6. Hi Devonna-was bloghopping and happened upon yours. Very nice!I’m single too. And happy about it. My own grandfather has tried to set me up. Good intentions my ass-I don’t want you to set me up, so stop!How long have you been single?


  7. Ames ~ I’ve never been married. I was engaged once, for about three years….let’s just say that didn’t turn out well. I don’t believe he’d ever heard of, or knew what monogamy was. I am happily single right now. That may change at some point ~ but for now, I’m perfectly happy being the one in charge of the remote control.


  8. LOLThat’s what I’m thinking too-I know I’m too much of a control freak right now in my life to change anything. Plus my dog hates men-I’ve trained him well. hehehe


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