Got Sidetracked

I had every intention of reading last night, but I got sidetracked and watched “For Love of the Game” instead. This is one of those movies I always “just have” to watch….even though I own the DVD, I watch it everytime it’s on TV. Yes, movies are another addiction of mine……as is music, and cooking. And I guess since I’m confessing here, I’m also addicted to The Food Network.

I went to my formerly 2nd choice UBS (now officially my 1st choice ~ they always have what I’m looking for) and got all 3 of the Suzanne Enoch books on my TBR list. Tonight, I have not plans, the TV is staying off, and I plan to nestle in and get working on “A Wild Pursuit” tonight.

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Got Sidetracked

  1. I’ve never seen this movie. Is it good? I see it has KC in it and I think his movies generally fall into two categories: 1) Nice and touching and 2) very, very, bad. I love sports themed movies so if you say it’s good, I’ll give her a whirl!


  2. PS ~ I love that someone else reads! Yay! I have a blog coming soon that’s nothing but book talk. I’ll drop in and leave the link when it’s up and running. Thanks for commenting on my blog today!


  3. This one falls under the nice and touching category. He’s a baseball player, and after 19 years of playing pro ball, he needs to decide whether to retire or to keep playing, even though he’ll be traded to a new team and won’t be the starting pitcher anymore. That’s the first love story ~ this man’s love for baseball, for his career.Then there’s Jane, the woman he meets by accident one day. She’s independent and fiery ~ they start a relationship that goes on for years..but he’ll never make a committment, and she decides that’s what she wants. A committment, from somebody. So she lets him go.The movie spans the course of one baseball game, 9 innings where Billy reminisces about his career, friends he’s made, and he also thinks about him time with Jane.Quite frankly, I bawl every time I see it. The last 5 minutes chokes me up every time.


  4. I’ve never liked baseball. my best friend and her mom are uber crazy about it. lol. I even slept through the last time we won the world series with a room full of people screaming lol.


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