I admit it ~ I don’t read ebooks. I’ve bought a few – the 2nd episodes that Julia Quinn wrote for the Bridgertons…but I haven’t read them yet. There’s just something about being able to hold the book in your hand. I’m not one who’s usually so set in my ways…I’m usually pretty adaptable. But I’m just not getting into the ebook craze. That’s not to say I won’t some day, but I’m having problems with it now. Maybe it’s more sensory for me ~ I enjoy going into Barnes and Noble (have you noticed that every B&N smells the same?)..I enjoy the dusty smells of the library and my favorite UBS. I love the fresh ink smell of a book that I’ve gotten the day it was put on the shelf.

To give you an idea of how “adaptable” I am….Audio books have been out for how many years? I got my first one last week from the library, and enjoyed it actually. It makes driving time go fast. Usually, I just crank my music and go. Given that it took me years to try my first audio book, who knows when I’ll actually get around to doing an ebook (if ever).

Now, I’ve looked at ebooks…and there’s some authors I want to read, but they’re only available in ebook format. Those of you who visit my blog, do you do ebooks? If so, how did you get started? Do you have favorite authors that are only available in ebook format? And…how do you read them? Do you sit at your computer? Do you use PDAs? Inquiring minds (aka, mine) want to know……………….

2 thoughts on “Ebooks

  1. i just got into the ebook craze myself. i’d been avoiding it, because like you, i love having the book in my hand. i hate having to sit at the computer to read. i like to carry my books with me. i just got an ebook reader and that’s helped a lot. before i was printing them out. now i just d/l it to my reader and carry that with me. it’s great.still, i’m more into the regular books. to be totally honest, the only reason i was interested in the ebooks is because rene lyons, a new author, was releasing her fist book in ebook format and i really wanted to read it. it was worth it, too.good luck! hugs,holly


  2. Hey…looks like great minds think alike. I’m wondering if I should give them a try. Someone posted on my blog that they’re great for meetings…everyone thinks you’re working…what an idea!!!


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