While I Was Gone…………..

My niece and I listened to “Elsewhere” by Gabrielle Zevin on the drive to Minnesota. It is such a haunting story and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. This book haunts me still, days after I’ve read it. Imagine being 15, and dead. Never having a 16th birthday. Just learning how to drive, and never having a license. Finding out that your aging will now be reversed, until you are again a baby, and again ready to go back to earth. And then imagine falling in love for the first time………..

This was a wonderful story. Definitely one worth revisiting. I’d rate it an A+. My only warning is that there is a tiny speck of language, but only a smidge.

After finishing DOY, I read “Suddenly You” by Lisa Kleypas. Now, I love Ms. Kleypas’ stories and hardly ever find fault with one. This story, I’d maybe rate a C ~ not bad, but not one I’d necessarily read again. This is the story of Amanda and Jack. Amanda is a successful author; Jack is a publicist. Amanda meets Jack through unusual circumstances ~ their matchmaker, a local madam who is acquainted with both of them. The book started out sizzling, but I started getting bored to toward the middle. Like I said, not bad ~ but not one of my favorites.

One thought on “While I Was Gone…………..

  1. I never cared for that Kleypas story so I didn’t read it. Lisa books I recommend besides DOY are:Devil in WinterWhere Dreams Begin is fun, just nothing out of this worldand that’s it for me lol


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