It’s no wonder I’m single…………..

The perfect man for me lived in the 1800’s………..and is fictitious. I absolutely love Derek Craven in DoY. I’m only 70 pages into the book so far, but I love him. I love his connection with Sara…I love the spark she feels just knowing he’s in the room. She doesn’t even have to see him and there’s a spark. Yes, I’m enjoying the story and I’m thinking that I’ll have this story finished before I ever head out on the road.

Speaking of being on the road ~ we are surrounded by fires. There’s not a road out of town that doesn’t go by fire. I have backup routes in case the roads are closed when we leave on Thursday. I am going on vacation ~ I don’t care how long it takes me to get there!

12 thoughts on “It’s no wonder I’m single…………..

  1. You’re beginning to see why I’ve lost my marbles now aren’t you 🙂And I’ll be thinking of you with the fires. You see them on the news every year and all the destruction they cause, but then it really becomes real when you ‘know’ someone affected by them. I hope everything is OK for you.


  2. I knew you’d love it! DC is a wonderful hero. Hope you get out of town safely. We’ve had a few forest fires in Washington but it won’t get really bad for a while yet.


  3. I’m about halfway through now ~ if it weren’t for pidly things such as bills, I’d stay home from work to finish it…Ok, probably not, I’m tempted to.Devonna


  4. Wow…sounds like we have a lot in common. My husband lives in the 1800s, too, AND is a character from a romance novel (meaning he respects me and doesn’t mind my independent spirt and bluestocking ways). His name is Derek Craven, also..but sometimes he goes by Sebastian Lord St. Vincent (Devil In Winter) and Michael “Saint” St. Aubyn (London’s Perfect Scoundrel by S. Enoch)


  5. I haven’t met “Saint” yet…may have to look him up soon to add to the collection of “perfect for me” men.I haven’t read anything by Suzanne Enoch before…I’ve been trying new to me authors lately, so I’ll have to read a few of hers. I have a couple of her novellas in the Whistledown books, so I’ll start with those.


  6. If you read Enoch, please read the series including LONDON’S PERFECT SCOUNDREL. SCOUNDREL IS THE BEST BY FAR. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking of the hero when I first read the book…how weird is it that I fell a little in love with him.


  7. Ok…you need to read the LESSONS IN LOVE series, story of 3 friends who all fall in love with the most likely of men. Pretty good stories, with SCOUNDREL being the BEST. If you don’t want to read the whole series…I’m pretty sure you can read SCOUNDREL on its own, but it would be like reading Evie’s WALLFLOWER story without reading Lillian’s. Enjoy SCOUNDREL! I LOVE THIS BOOK! ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!! I might need to promote it a bit on my blog. SAINT deserves his own recognition, almost as much as Derek!!!


  8. Completely understandable…I just got back from vacation and am not completely “all there” yet myself. Ok ~ so I’m adding the Lessons in Love series to my wishlist…as soon as I finish the Duchess series, and then I need to read Daisy’s story to finish off the Wallflower series. Is it sad I get excited adding things to my list?


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